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Valve model establishment and meaning

The latest valve model compilation method
Nowadays, there are more and more types of valves and materials, and the compilation of valve models is becoming

ductile iron, DI, butterfly valve, manufacturer, center line, TH valve

ductile iron, DI, butterfly valve, manufacturer, center line, TH valve

more and more complicated. The standardization of valve models provides convenience for valve design and selection. Although my country has a unified standard for valve model compilation, it is gradually unable to meet the needs of the development of the valve industry. At present, valve manufacturers generally adopt a unified numbering method; if a unified numbering method cannot be used, each manufacturer can work out a numbering method according to its own situation.
The valve model compilation method specifies the valve model description, valve type, drive mode, connection form, structure form, sealing surface material, pressure and the expression method of the valve body material code. The valve model preparation method is suitable for all kinds of pipeline valves such as gate valves, globe valves, throttle valves, butterfly valves, ball valves, diaphragm valves, plug valves, check valves, drain valves, plunger valves, pressure reducing valves, traps, and safety valves. product. Standard valve model representation method The valve model compilation method should usually indicate the valve type, drive mode, connection form, structural characteristics, nominal pressure, sealing surface material, valve body material and other elements.
Unit One , valve type (code name):

butterfly valve safety valve Diaph-ragm valve ball valve gate valve check valve plug valve Pressure reducing valve globe valve filter Disch-arge valve

Unit two, valve drive mode (code name):

drive mode Electro-magne-tism Electro-magnetic hydraulic Electro-hydraulic tur-bine Spur gear Bevel gear pneu-matic Hydr-aulic Gas-hydr-aulic elec-tric han-dle Hand-wheel
code 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Unit three, valve connection method (code name):

connection internal thread external thread two different connections flange welding wafer clamp ferrule
code 1 2 3 4 6 7 8 9

Unit Four, valve structure (code name):

Butterfly valve structure (code name):

butterfly structure butterfly code butterfly structure butterfly code
sealed singl eccentric 0 unsealed single eccentric 5
center vertical plate 1 center vertical plate 6
double eccentric 2 double eccentric 7
triple eccentric 3 triple eccentric 8
linkage mechanism 4 linkage mechanism 9

Gate valve structure (code name):

gate valve structure types gate valve code
valve stem lift type Wedge gate plate Flexible gate plate 0
rigid gate plate single gate 1
double gates 2
Parallel gate plate single gate 3
double gates 4
non-lifting valve stem Wedge gate plate single gate 5
double gates 6
Parallel gate plate single gate 7
double gates 8

Ball valve structure (code name):

ball valve structure code ball valve structure code
floating ball Straight flow channel 1 fixed ball Straight flow channel 7
Y type three-way channel 2 four-way channel 6
L type three-way channel 4 T type three-way channel 8
Y type three-way channel 5 L type three-way channel 9
Hemisphere through 0

Check valve structure (code name):

check valve structure code check valve structure code
lifting disc straight flow channel 1 swing disc single disc 4
vertical structure 2 multiple discs 5
angle channel 3 double disc 6
butterfly type check valve 7

The structure of stop valve, throttle valve and plunger valve (code name):

globe valve structure code globe valve structure code
disc type unbalanced straight flow channel 1 disc type balanced straight flow channel 6
Z channel 2 angle channel 7
three-way channel 3
angle channel 4
DC runner 5

Diaphragm valve structure (code name):

diaphragm valve structure code diaphragm valve structure code
Roof circulation 1 straight flow channel 6
DC runner 5 Y type angle channel 8

Plug valve structure (code name):

plug valve structure plug valve structure
packing seal straight flow channel 3 oil seal straight flow channel 7
T type three-way channel 4 T type three-way channel 8
four-way channel 5

Safety valve structure (code name):

safety valve structure code safety valve structure code
Spring loaded spring seal structure full open type with heat sink 0 spring loaded,spring not close, with wrench micro-open, double valve 3
micro-open 1 micro-open 7
full open 2 full open 8
full open with wrench 4
leverage single leverage 2 with actuator full open 6
double leverage 4 pulse 9

Structure of pressure reducing valve (code name):

pressure reducing valve structure code pressure reducing valve structure code
film type 1 bellows type 4
spring film type 2 leverage type 5
piston type 3

The structure of the trap (code name):

trap trap code trap trap code
float ball type 1 steam pressure type or bellows 6
float bucket 3 bimetallic 7
liquid or solid expansion type 4 pulse 8
bell float 5 disc thermaldynamic 9

The structure of the blowdown valve (code name):

blowdown valve structure code blowdown valve structure code
liquid level connection discharge cut-off straight through 1 Discontinuous discharge Cut-off type DC 5
cut-off angle 2 Cut-off straight-through 6
Cut-off angle 7
Floating gate type straight-through 8

Unit five, valve sealing material (code name):

material Babbitt alloy enamel Nitrided steel 18-8series stainless steel Fluoroplastic hard alloy
code B C D E F Y
material nylon plastic monel lead lining Mo2Ti stainless steel plastic monel alloy
code N P Q R S M
material glass copper alloy Cr13 stainless steel rubber lining valve material machined directly
code G T H X J W

Unit six, valve nominal pressure (code name): The valve nominal pressure value is directly expressed with Arabic numerals, which is 10 times of MPa. The pressure of 1.0MPA is DN=1.0MPA and the nominal pressure is 10kg. Indicates the nominal pressure of the valve!
Unit seven, valve body material (code name):

valve body material Titanium and titanium alloys carbon steel Cr13 series stainless steel Chrome-molybdenum steel malleable cast iron aluminum alloy
code A C H I K L
valve body material ductile cast iron Mo2Ti series stainless steel plastic copper and copper alloy 18-8series stainless steel grey cast iron
code Q R S T P Z

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