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Valve model establishment and meaning

The latest valve model compilation method Nowadays, there are more and more types of valves and materials, and the compilation of valve models is becoming more and more complicated. The standardization of valve models provides convenience for valve design and selection. Although my country has a unified standard for valve model compilation, it is gradually […]

Types of valve accessories

Types of valve accessories: The valve itself is composed of a valve body and various operating mechanisms, which also contain many parts and accessories, including manual, pneumatic, electric and so on. The components assembled in different ways of use are also different. Valve accessories mainly include: 1. Pneumatic actuator: It is mainly divided into single-acting […]

Working principle diagram of three-way valve

What is a three-way valve? Simply put, a three-way valve has three inlets and outlets; when the three-way merges, there are two in and one out, and the three-way split is one in and two out. It is controlled according to the shape of the spool. The most obvious difference in appearance between a three-way […]

World Famous Valve Brand Ranking

If you talk about trusted brands abroad, different valves have different manufacturers, and each imported valve company is involved in different fields, and each brand has its own advantages. The explanation for imported valve brands is to let users know more about imported valve brands. It is a comprehensive selection based on the brand awareness, […]

The role and classification of valves

Valves have many functions. Different valves must be selected for different functions. Different types of valves have different structures. These functions are all means to effectively control the process and ensure safety. Valves are generally divided into automatic valves and driven valves. Automatic valves (such as safety valves, pressure reducing valves, steam traps, check valves) […]

Types and working principles of electric valves

The so-called electric valve, as its name implies, is to drive the opening and closing of the valve through the power supply. It is mainly composed of two parts. The upper part is an electric actuator and the lower part is a valve. In industrial processes, it is used to control the travel and flow […]

Valve flow characteristic curve and classification

The flow characteristic of the valve is the relationship between the relative flow of the medium flowing through the regulating valve and its opening under the condition that the pressure difference between the two ends of the valve remains constant. Flow characteristic is an important technical index and parameter of regulating valve. It is very […]

installation principle and setting of the bypass valve

Whether the valve needs to be installed with the principle and setting of the bypass valve. We occasionally see relatively large valves in some pipelines and always install bypass valves. Why is this? What is its main function? Under what circumstances does it need to be installed? And what is the size of the bypass […]

The difference of cryogenic valve and ordinary temperature valve

Cryogenic valves, as the name implies, are valves that can work in cryogenic and cryogenic conditions. The operating temperature is demarcated. Valves with operating temperatures below -40°C are usually called cryogenic valves, which are mainly used for gas liquefaction, For separation, transportation and storage equipment, the operating temperature can reach below -270℃. Currently, there are […]

Valve installation instructions and process precautions

Valve is a kind of mechanical product that is widely used in the construction of national economy. In the current market, the more commonly used valve types are butterfly valves, check valves, ball valves, globe valves, gate valves and regulating valves. For the correct installation method of the valve, the user should understand the following […]