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Advantages and Disadvantages of Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valves

The triple eccentric butterfly valve is a new type of butterfly valve product. Before the advent of the triple eccentric butterfly valve, the soft sealing butterfly valve and the single eccentric double eccentric metal hard sealing butterfly valve were the most used in industrial pipelines. These two types of butterfly valves have their own advantages, […]

Which valves are used for wastewater and sewage treatment

Which valves are used for wastewater and sewage treatment? The continuous increase of water pollution in my country has made the sewage treatment and regeneration industry receive unprecedented attention. In the sewage treatment pipeline system, the valve plays a very important role. Definition of sewage treatment Sewage treatment: The process of purifying sewage in order […]

Precautions for the application of fluorine-lined valves

Appropriate selection and application of fluorine-lined anti-corrosion valves is a matter of concern to everyone in engineering. Tanghai Valve puts forward the following views based on years of field application experience for your reference. We are specialised in the production of fluorine lined butterfly valves. The price of fluorine-lined butterfly valves is much lower than […]

Introduction to Common Butterfly Valve Materials

This article makes an introduction to the commonly used butterfly valve materials. For butterfly valves, you should already have a certain understanding. There are many types of butterfly valves. According to the different connection forms, they can be divided into wafer butterfly valves and flanged butterfly valves; according to different sealing surface materials, they can […]

Structure diagram of double eccentric butterfly valve

Double eccentric butterfly valves are often referred to as high performance butterfly valves. On the basis of the single eccentric butterfly valve, the most widely used double eccentric butterfly valve is further improved and formed. Structural features of double eccentric butterfly valve: The center of rotation of the valve plate (ie the center of the […]

The role and application of gate valve

This article introduces you to the function of gate valve, and then understands the purpose of gate valve. The gate valve is a very important control component on the pipeline that transports the fluid medium. The structure of the gate valve is composed of a valve body, a valve cover, a valve stem, a gate […]

How many types of gate valves? gate valve classification

How many kinds of gate valves are there? Which gate valve is suitable for which occasion? How many kinds of gate valves are there? Commonly used gate valves are as follows: 1. Gray iron gate valve: including gray iron open rod gate valve and gray iron dark rod gate valve, this gate valve is suitable […]

How to judge whether the check valve is qualified in the factory pressure test

Check valve refers to the valve that actively opens and closes the valve flap by relying on the activity of the medium itself to avoid the back flow of the medium. It is also called check valve, one-way valve, reverse flow valve, and back pressure valve. The check valve is a kind of active valve […]

What is a fluorine-lined valve? How to extend the service life of it?

Fluorine-lined valves are made by using PTFE resin (or profile processed) to be molded (or inlaid) on the inner wall of the steel or iron valve pressure part or the outer surface of the valve inner part, and use its The unique performance of the anti-corrosive medium valve is made into various types of valves […]

Structure of Triple Eccentric Metal  seated Butterfly Valve (Picture)

Butterfly valves can be divided into soft-sealed butterfly valves and metal seated butterfly valves according to the sealing form. This article mainly analyzes the structure of the triple eccentric metal seated butterfly valve. Metal hard seal butterfly valves are usually used in some high temperature and high pressure environments. They are mainly composed of valve […]