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Marine Butterfly Valves are Used to Close or Open the Medium in the Ballistic Channel (Tanghai Valve)

Valve selection of a single variety of valve goods, marine valve speech is inconsistent, partly by use (such as chemical, alcohol, power station, etc.), partly by medium (such as water vapor, atmosphere valve, etc.), partly by material (such as pig iron valve, cast steel valves, forged steel valves, etc.), partly by the way of connection […]

Marine Butterfly Valve in the Application of Characteristics(Tanghai Valve)

The butterfly discs of the marine butterfly valve is installed in the diameter position of the ballistic path. Marine butterfly valve is easy to construct, small volume, light weight, only by the majority of more or less whole machine components. And as long as around 90 ° can quickly open and close, easy to operate, […]

Marine butterfly valve–Application of Marine Butterfly Valves

Marine butterfly valve is a kind of valve used to control or cut off fluid in liquid or gas flow pipeline on board. The characteristics of marine butterfly valves are simple structure, light weight, convenient operation, and good safety in use. Below, we will introduce marine butterfly valves in several aspects.  1、 Application of Marine […]

Marine Valve for Mono Flange Butterfly Valve

Rubber Lined Butterfly Valve with Mono Flange(Single Flange) Single Flange butterfly vlaves suitable for connecting standard and design standard is PN 10 normally. Material of Mono flange butterfly valve Marine Butterfly Valve,Ductile Iron Mono Flange;NBR/EPDM/Viton Lined,shaft stainless steel,Disc is alu-bronze or stainless steel. Marine quality butterfly valve with a bonded NBR liner suitable for many duties […]

Semi-Lugged Butterfly Valve

Working Pressure: PN10/PN16 Size: From DN40-DN1200 Operator: bare shaft with ISO 5211 top flange, handlever and gearbox,actuators Body material:CI,DI,Alu-bronze,CS and others Disc:DI,Alu-bronze,SS Seat:EPDM,NBR Shaft:SS, Inconel About material, it can be customized, please contact us if any further requirements. Area of application Marine industry, Water supply and drainage, fire fighting, shipbuilding, water treatment and other systems Standards […]

Why is butterfly valve used more popular?

Generally, when choosing valves, we should also pay attention to what type is more appropriate. There are more and more types of valves available on ships. We can confirm what type is better according to the actual use needs. You can get a better feeling of use. At present, butterfly valves are often used, and […]

Marine Valve (butterfly valve and ball valve)

Marine valves are used to control the pressure, flow and flow policy of the fluid in the ship pipeline in order to meet the environmental conditions of the ship. Valve is the control of fluid pipeline assembly, its basic function is to put through or cut off the pipeline medium smoothness, change the medium smoothness, […]

Butterfly Valve of Marine Valve

Product Introduction Marine butterfly valve adopts the mounted structure, which reduces the connection bolts of the valve body itself under the condition of high pressure and large diameter, enhances the reliability of the valve and can overcome the influence of system weight on the normal work of the valve. Scope of application Marine butterfly valve […]

Dual Plate Swing Check Valve/Double-Door Check Valve

The Dual Plate check valve is used for pure pipeline and industrial, environmental protection, water treatment, high-rise building water supply and drainage pipeline, to prevent the reverse flow of the medium. The double-door check valve adopts clamping type, the butterfly plate is two semicircle, and the sealing surface can be body surfacing wear-resistant material or […]

PTFE Lined Butterfly Valve

PTFE butterfly valve is to adapt to some corrosive environment with strong acid, strong alkali, petroleum, chemical, food and other special areas of need, the use of PTFE made of the valve body, has a strong anti-corrosion effect. It can replace the stainless steel body under conventional conditions, with higher cost performance. The butterfly plate […]