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factors affecting the sealing performance of resilient butterfly valve seat

Rubber butterfly valve is an important part of regulating flow medium, and tight sealing is the most important quality of the product. The sealing performance of rubber butterfly valves is affected by many factors, and the most important influence is still closely related to the sealing surface. Today we will focus on three factors. Let’s […]

Excellent environmental protection characteristics of soft sealing gate valve

In many working conditions, gate valves are more used to cut off water bodies such as pure water and tap water. Among them, the soft seal gate valve is an updated product of the ordinary gate valve. Generally speaking, as long as one side between the gate and the valve seat is made of soft […]

Factors affect the sealing performance of butterfly valves

For the choice of butterfly valve, sealing is the most important attribute, because it directly affects the effect of butterfly valve throttling and is a direct manifestation of the quality of butterfly valve products. However, for most working conditions, sealing does not mean that one drop is not allowed to leak. For the sealing performance […]

Flange butterfly valve is more suitable for large and medium diameter pipelines

Commonly used butterfly valves include wafer butterfly valves, flanged butterfly valves and welded butterfly valves. Wafer type butterfly valve uses double-head bolts to connect the valve between two pipe flanges. Flange type butterfly valve has flanges on the valve, and bolts are used to connect the flanges at both ends of the valve to the […]

What are the characteristics of threaded gate valve in application

Commonly used pipeline connection methods are mainly: threaded connection, welding and flange connection. The threaded connection we mentioned today is actually also called threaded connection, which is also a connection method of gate valve, which connects the gate valve with the pipeline through internal and external threads. Therefore, we can see that the types of […]

Characteristics of the centerline wafer butterfly valve

The centerline wafer butterfly valve is one of the commonly used butterfly valves. It is named because of the structure of the stem axis, the center of the butterfly plate and the center of the body at the same position. The structure of the centerline butterfly valve is very simple, and the installation and maintenance […]

Comparison of pin butterfly valve and pinless butterfly valve

We often hear such statements as pinless butterfly valves and pinless butterfly valves in the purchase of butterfly valves. Because of technological reasons, pinless butterfly valves are usually more expensive than pinned butterfly valves. This makes many customers think whether pinless butterfly valves are more expensive than pinless butterfly valves. Is it better to have […]

Wafer type dual plate check valve: metal seated vs resilient seated

Wafer dual plate check valve is used for pure pipelines and industrial, environmental protection, water treatment, high-rise building water supply and drainage pipelines, to prevent the reverse flow of the medium. The check valve adopts a clamp type, the butterfly plate is two semicircles, and it adopts a spring for forced reset. The sealing surface […]

Gate valve has a broad market in the field of sewage treatment

The market situation is often complementary to the country’s development policies. As the country implements energy conservation and emission reduction strategies and accelerates the cultivation and development of strategic emerging industries, the construction scale and service scope of my country’s sewage treatment industry have gradually expanded. For gate valve products that are indispensable in the […]

Introduction to the Features of Lever Wafer Butterfly Valve

Lever or Handle wafer butterfly valve is a kind of butterfly valve, usually with soft seal, which consists of a sealing surface made of rubber or fluoroplastic as a sealing material and a valve plate and stem made of carbon steel or stainless steel. Due to the limitation of the sealing surface material, the handle […]