Check Valve

6 single-plate-swing-check-valve-2

Single-disc swing check valve (TH-CKV-SDS)

The structure length is short, its structure length is only 1/4~1/8 of the traditional flange check valve; Small size, light weight, its weight is only 1/4~1/20 of the traditional flange check valve; The valve disccloses quickly and the water hammer pressure is small.

double door check valve

Dual plate swing check valve (TH-CKV-DPS)

 Two valve plates are fixed on the valve body along a pivot; The two springs are installed on the butterfly plate above the sealing surface; Pushed by the medium flow pressure, the spring is compressed, forcing the butterfly plate to open; When the medium flows backwards, the spring forces the valve to close.

8 tilting-disc-swing-check-valve-3

Tilting disc swing check valve (TH-CKV-TDS)

 Double eccentric discs, when closing, the valve contacts the sealing surface gradually, so that it can work without impact and noise; Micro-elastic metal valve seat, good sealing performance; Butterfly valve design, quick and sensitive switching, and long lifetime.


Lift swing check valve (TH-CKV-LTS)

Easy maintenance, long lifetime; Simple & economical; Low cracking pressure; Low pressure drop; Quick and sensitive switching; Good sealing performance.

silent check valve (4)

Silent check valve (TH-CKV-SLT)

It can be installed vertically or horizontally, the valve flap is flexible to open and close, and it runs smoothly, with low closing noise, safety, and few faults; The valve flap is spring loaded, and its rapid closing can effectively reduce the water hammer pressure and the sealing performance is good.

11 ball-check-valve-2

Ball check valve (TH-CKV-BA)

Large flow rate, small flow resistance pressure loss; The sealing performance is very good, no noise when closing, which can reduce the water shock wave; Can be installed horizontally or vertically; It can be used for pump outlets of cold water, hot water, industrial and domestic sewage network to prevent backflow of media.