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What is a triple eccentric metal seated butterfly valve

The triple eccentric metal seated butterfly valve is classified from the multi-level metal seated butterfly valve. Named because of the triple eccentricity structure. Its sealing performance is as good as the soft sealing butterfly valve, and it can maintain a good seal even in a high-pressure and high-temperature environment. It is often used for heating, […]

How to prevent the motor of electric flange butterfly valve from overloading

The torque and axial force of the valve electric actuator are limited, so usually the valve electric device uses a torque-limiting coupling. Most of the torque type is three-jaw connection or key connection, and the valve electric device does not bear the axial thrust. Most of the thrust type is threaded connection, which can bear […]

Common leakage problems and remedies of resilient-seated gate valves

The resilient seated flange gate valve is an updated product of the gate valve, because the gate plate is wrapped by elastic materials such as rubber or PTFE, or the valve seat is made of elastic material. In short, one of the valve seat and the valve plate can be regarded as soft seal. The […]

How to select electric actuator of the electric regulating butterfly valve

The valve electric actuator is an important driving force of the electric regulating butterfly valve, and its selection determines the actual on-site operation of the product. At the same time, the selection of electric actuators has some own selection criteria. Mainly from the operating torque, host structure, output shaft rotation, output speed, etc. to consider, […]

Field Application of Electric resilient seated Wafer Butterfly Valve

The electric resilient seated butterfly valve is actually a kind of electric control valve system. It is a high-performance valve upgraded from the ordinary butterfly valve category. It also uses electrical operation during operation. Therefore, the most obvious advantage of the electric resilient seated butterfly valve is that it is quite simple and easy to […]

How to replace valve packing for triple eccentric sealing butterfly valve

Although we are not focusing on valve packing during the procurement and use of triple eccentric butterfly valves, in fact packing has a great influence on the service life of the valve. If we find that the upper cavity is leaking during the pressure test, it is likely to be caused by the leakage of […]

Solution for accidental fall off of the valve plate of rising stem wedge gate valve

In the previous Tanghai valve knowledge, we have mentioned that if the working conditions are too bad or the gate valve purchased is from an unqualified small manufacturer, or for the rising stem wedge gate valve, the valve will suffer corrosion and wear during the opening and closing process. Or improper operation may cause the […]

Requirements of various sealing materials for pneumatic gate valves

This article would like to discuss with you some of the material requirements of pneumatic gate valves, including the material of the valve body, stem, stem bushing, nut, sealing surface and packing of the pneumatic gate valve. Each of them is an important component to ensure the good sealing performance of the valve. The quality […]

Precautions for the use of triple eccentric metal seated butterfly valve

Triple eccentric hard-sealed butterfly valves are generally metal seated butterfly valves, which have an eccentric metal sealing structure. Sealing forms include metal-to-metal sealing, stainless steel plate and graphite composite plate sealing ring to metal sealing, etc. The driving methods are mainly electric, manual, turbo rod transmission, pneumatic and so on. The triple eccentric hard-seal butterfly […]

Correct installation method of pneumatic gate valve

Good valve products also need correct use and maintenance to ensure a good working condition and service life of the product, and pneumatic gate valves are no exception. The working state of the pneumatic gate valve directly affects the operation of the engineering system. Pneumatic gate valves have been widely used in metallurgy, petrochemical and […]