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Application of Single Door Check Valve

A single door check valve, also known as a swing check valve, is used in various applications to allow fluid (liquid or gas) to flow in one direction only and prevent backflow. Here are some common applications: Water Supply Systems: To prevent backflow in municipal water supply systems. In residential plumbing to stop contaminated water […]

Standards for Use of Marine Valves

Specifies dimensions for metal valves used in marine applications. Classification Societies Classification societies provide additional guidelines and standards specific to marine applications. Some of the major classification societies include: American Bureau of Shipping (ABS): ABS Rules for Building and Classing Marine Vessels: Includes requirements for the design, construction, and testing of valves used in marine […]

Design standards and materials for single door check valves

Design Standards for Single Door Check Valves Single door check valves are designed and manufactured according to various international standards to ensure quality, reliability, and compatibility. Some of the common standards include: API 594: Covers the requirements for check valves, including design, manufacturing, testing, and inspection. ASME B16.34: Provides standards for pressure-temperature ratings, dimensions, and materials for […]

The Application of Concentric Type Butterfly Valve in Petroleum(oil and gas) Industry

Concentric type butterfly valves play vital roles across various sectors within the petroleum (oil and gas) industry due to their reliability, versatility, and cost-effectiveness. Here are the main applications of concentric type butterfly valves in the petroleum industry: Flow Control in Pipeline Systems: Crude Oil Pipelines: Regulating the flow of crude oil within pipelines during transportation […]

The Application of Concentric type Butterfly Valve in Offshore Drilling Platforms

Concentric type butterfly valves find several applications in offshore drilling platforms due to their reliability, compact design, and ease of operation. Here’s how centerline butterfly valves are used in offshore drilling platforms: Flow Control in Seawater Systems: Concentric butterfly valves are used to control the flow of seawater for different purposes: Cooling Systems: Regulating seawater flow […]

Marine valves in the shipbuilding industry(tanghai Valve)

Marine valves play a crucial role in shipbuilding, managing the flow of various fluids such as water, fuel, oil, and gases throughout a vessel. These valves are essential for the operational efficiency, safety, and maintenance of a ship. Here are some common types of marine valves used in shipbuilding and their functions: Gate Valves Function: […]

Dual plate check valve in marine valve

A double plate check valve, also known as a dual plate check valve or wafer check valve, is a type of non-return valve commonly used in various fluid systems on ships. It is designed to allow fluid to flow in one direction while preventing backflow, ensuring that the fluid flow is unidirectional. Here are some […]

Understanding the Role and Design of Marine Butterfly Valves

Introduction: Marine butterfly valves are crucial components in the maritime industry, playing a vital role in controlling the flow of fluids onboard ships and offshore platforms. Understanding their design, functionality, and applications is essential for ensuring efficient and reliable operation in marine environments. Design and Construction: Marine butterfly valves are typically designed with a disc […]

Concentric Type Butterfly valve with resilient seated

A concentric type butterfly valve with a resilient seat is a type of valve commonly used in various industries for flow control. Let’s break down its components: Concentric Design: In this design, the centerline of the stem (the shaft that controls the opening and closing of the valve) is also the centerline of the disc (the […]

Wafer Concentric Type Butterfly Valve (tanghai valve)

A wafer concentric type butterfly valve is a type of butterfly valve commonly used in various industries, including marine applications. Here’s a brief overview of its features, selection considerations, and usage: Features: Concentric Design: The wafer concentric butterfly valve features a concentric design where the stem passes through the center of the disc, ensuring a […]