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The difference between American, Germany and China standard valve

The difference between American standard valve, German standard valve and China standard valve (American Standard, German Standard, National Standard) The difference between the valves: First of all, it can be distinguished from the standard codes of various countries: GB is the national standard, the American standard (ANSI), and the German standard (DIN). Secondly, it can […]

Main application areas of 10 major types of valves

With the development of society and various needs of modern life, spare parts for the production of these important products are also emerging in endlessly areas. Below we list the main application areas of these 10 categories of valves. 1. Valves for petroleum installations; 1) Oil refining plant, Most of the valves used in oil […]

Valve material comparison table-valve pressure-temperature

The relationship between valve temperature and pressure: The valve operating temperature and pressure have a certain internal connection and influence each other. Among them, temperature is the dominant factor affecting the valve. A valve with a certain pressure is only suitable for a certain temperature range, and changes in valve temperature can affect the valve’s […]

Valve seal (ring) material usage range comparison table

The selection of valve sealing material is determined according to the operating conditions of the valve, such as: pipeline medium, temperature range (high and low temperature), pressure and internal structure of the valve. For different occasions, the selected seals are also different. Valve seals can generally be divided into two categories: soft seals and hard […]

What is the positive transmission of gears

When the total displacement coefficient of a pair of gears is greater than 0, it is a positive transmission. Positive transmission refers to the positive displacement design of the gear. If two gears meshing with each other are in positive displacement, their center distance is greater than (the pair of gears) standard center distance. Conversely, […]

Accuracy requirements of Equipment installation

1. For static equipment The vertical deviation of vertical equipment should not be greater than L/1000 and not greater than 10mm. Unless the drawings have special requirements. The horizontal deviation of horizontal equipment should not be greater than L/1000 in the axial direction and 2D/1000 in the radial direction. 2. For moving equipment When the […]

What is assembly error and how to control it?

Assembly error refers to the difference between the installation position of the parts and the ideal position required by the assembly specifications and design regulations and processes. Causes of assembly errors: ①Part error: the additional error caused by the manufacturing error of the part and the deformation and wear after operation and use. ② Errors […]

What is machining accuracy, machining error, tolerance?

1. Machining accuracy: the degree to which the actual geometric parameters (size, shape and position) of the part after processing are in line with the ideal geometric parameters. The higher the degree of conformity, the higher the processing accuracy. 2. Machining error: the degree of deviation of the actual geometric parameters of the part from […]

What is the transmission ratio

In a mechanical transmission system, the ratio of the angular velocity or rotational speed of the driving wheel at the beginning and the driven wheel at the end. Transmission ratio (i) = ratio of driving wheel speed (n1) to driven wheel speed (n2) = inverse ratio of gear index circle diameter = ratio of driven […]

Types of mechanical transmission

There are many forms of mechanical transmission, which can be divided mainly into two categories: 1. Friction transmission that transmits power and motion by friction between parts, including belt transmission, rope transmission and friction wheel transmission. Friction transmission is easy to achieve stepless speed change, and it can mostly adapt to transmission occasions with large […]