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Marine Valve (butterfly valve and ball valve)

Marine valves are used to control the pressure, flow and flow policy of the fluid in the ship pipeline in order to meet the environmental conditions of the ship. Valve is the control of fluid pipeline assembly, its basic function is to put through or cut off the pipeline medium smoothness, change the medium smoothness, […]

Butterfly Valve of Marine Valve

Product Introduction Marine butterfly valve adopts the mounted structure, which reduces the connection bolts of the valve body itself under the condition of high pressure and large diameter, enhances the reliability of the valve and can overcome the influence of system weight on the normal work of the valve. Scope of application Marine butterfly valve […]

Dual Plate Swing Check Valve/Double-Door Check Valve

The Dual Plate check valve is used for pure pipeline and industrial, environmental protection, water treatment, high-rise building water supply and drainage pipeline, to prevent the reverse flow of the medium. The double-door check valve adopts clamping type, the butterfly plate is two semicircle, and the sealing surface can be body surfacing wear-resistant material or […]

PTFE Lined Butterfly Valve

PTFE butterfly valve is to adapt to some corrosive environment with strong acid, strong alkali, petroleum, chemical, food and other special areas of need, the use of PTFE made of the valve body, has a strong anti-corrosion effect. It can replace the stainless steel body under conventional conditions, with higher cost performance. The butterfly plate […]

Concentric Type Butterfly Valve

Butterfly Valve according to the struction can be classified as: concentric type; eccentric type; triple eccentric. Today we focus on introducing concentric type butterfly valve, what is concentric type butterfly valve according to structure? The rotary center of the valve disc is located on the center line of the valve body and through the center […]

Driving device for Manual Wafer Butterfly Valve

The driving device of the manual wafer butterfly valve is mainly the handwheel and the handle. For valves with little torque required for opening and closing, a manual device, handwheel or handle can be used to directly fix the valve stem or valve stem nut. The diameter of the handwheel is based on the relevant […]

Where can butterfly valves be used

The butterfly valve is a kind of valve used to control the fluid flow in the pipeline. It uses the disc-shaped butterfly plate as the opening and closing part, and rotates 0~90° reciprocatingly to realize the opening and closing of the butterfly valve. Butterfly valves are used in a wide range of applications. In general, […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Centerline Butterfly Valves

Advantages of Centerline Butterfly Valves The centerline butterfly valve adopts the centerline sealing structure, and the centerline of the disc sealing of the butterfly valve is consistent with the centerline of the valve body and the rotation centerline of the valve stem. The upper and lower ends of the butterfly plate near the valve stem […]

Installation and operation method of manual butterfly valve

The most common driving methods for butterfly valves are manual, pneumatic, hydraulic and electric. This article mainly introduces the manual butterfly valve. Manual butterfly valve can be subdivided into handle butterfly valve and turbine butterfly valve. The two have no major impact on the installation of manual butterfly valves, and the difference lies more in […]

Stem structure and Integral Seat of centerline wafer butterfly valve

The centerline wafer butterfly valve can be divided into two types: pinless butterfly valve and pinned butterfly valve. The main difference between them is whether the valve plate and valve stem are fixed with pins. The pinned butterfly valve and the pinless butterfly valve correspond to the needs of different working conditions, and more depends […]