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Marine Butterfly Valves are Used to Close or Open the Medium in the Ballistic Channel (Tanghai Valve)

Valve selection of a single variety of valve goods, marine valve speech is inconsistent, partly by use (such as chemical, alcohol, power station, etc.), partly by medium (such as water vapor, atmosphere valve, etc.), partly by material (such as pig iron valve, cast steel valves, forged steel valves, etc.), partly by the way of connection (such as fingerprints, flange valves, etc.), and partly by the measurement (such as high-temperature valves, low-temperature valves, etc.). The following is a list of the most common types of pressure reducing valves for marine use.

Marine pressure reducing valve – used to actively elevate the ballistic and facilities within the medium pressure. Marine pressure-reducing valve medium through the valve flap gap, marine pressure-reducing valve occurs barrier formation pressure loss, to reach the means of pressure reduction. Trap – used to steam ballistic actively remove condensate, to prevent the loss of steam or leakage. Marine butterfly valve is used to close or open the ballistic medium. Can also be used for conditioning. Insurance valve – used in boilers, ware facilities and ballistic, when the media pressure stumbles over the rule value, can actively remove the excess media pressure, to protect the consumption of operational insurance.

In the power station valves can master the boiler and steam engine operation; in alcohol, chemical consumption, the valve also plays a role in mastering the whole consumer facilities and process line of the abnormal operation. In other units are also like that. In spite of this, valves are often ignored by the crowd compared with other goods. Similarly: when installing tools and facilities, people often focus on the main tools and facilities range. Therefore, for the valve selection, installation, use and so on need to be careful.

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