Valve accessories-bonnet bushing bolts nuts (TH-VBN)

Marine industry, Water supply and drainage, fire fighting, shipbuilding, water treatment and other systems, DN50 to D1200, NBR/EPDM/VITON, Certificates & Approvals: DNV-GL, Lloyds, DNV, ABS, BV, Standards: EN 593,  API609


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Valve accessories-bonnet bushing bolts nuts (TH-VBN)

Valve accessories refer to the parts or components to which the valve is assembled; or the parts or components to be re-installed after being damaged. Valve fittings can be divided into two types: standard fittings and optional fittings. Standard fittings refer to the auxiliary parts provided at random. Optional fittings refer to the parts that can enhance product functions and improve product performance in addition to the standard configuration.

Accessories can be divided into two categories: standard accessories and optional accessories.

Standard accessories refer to the accessories that are supplied with the machine. Although the standard configuration of each model is different, common standard configuration components include memory and paper feeder. Of course, for different models, the size of the memory and the capacity of the paper feeder are different. The standard configuration can be understood by referring to the product description. If the standard configuration is lacking, it will affect the use and performance of the product to a certain extent.

Optional accessories refer to the components that can enhance product functions and improve product performance in addition to the standard configuration, and need to be purchased separately. Unlike the standard configuration, the use of optional accessories will not affect the use of the basic functions of the product. There are many types of optional accessories, and the optional products supported by different products are also different. Therefore, you should check the product description in advance when purchasing optional accessories, so as not to buy it and use it.

Valve accessories generally include the following accessories:

Valve cover, valve head

Valve bonnet

valve packing

sealing ring


valve bolts and nuts

Valve Gaskets

Valve bushing

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buttefly valve stem shaft parts (1)
marine valve seat, rubber sealing, valve seat parts (6)
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manual actuator- lever, handwheel, worm gear