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Marine Butterfly Valve in the Application of Characteristics(Tanghai Valve)

The butterfly discs of the marine butterfly valve is installed in the diameter position of the ballistic path. Marine butterfly valve is easy to construct, small volume, light weight, only by the majority of more or less whole machine components. And as long as around 90 ° can quickly open and close, easy to operate, while the valve has excellent fluid mastery characteristics.

Marine butterfly valve in the closed position, the butterfly discs thickness is the only barrier when the medium flows through the valve body, so the pressure drop through the valve is very small, so there is a better flow control characteristic. Inertia sealing valve, the gasket can be set in the valve body or attached to the perimeter of the butterfly discs. Adoption of metal sealing valve is normally longer than inertia sealing valve life, but it is difficult to achieve complete sealing. Metal sealing can comply with the higher degree of task, inertia sealing is subject to the shortcomings of the degree of constraints.

If the marine butterfly valve as a flow control application, the main thing is to accurately choose the valve position and type. Marine butterfly valve construction principle is particularly suitable for the manufacture of large diameter valves. Butterfly valve is not only in alcohol, natural gas, chemical industry, ionization and other normal light industry to lose wide use, and also used in thermal power plant icing water fractions. For the clip type butterfly valve is to use the double head nut to butt the valve between the two ballistic flange, flange type butterfly valve is with flange on the valve, with the nut on the valve on the two ends of the flange is connected to the ballistic flange.

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