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Marine Valve (butterfly valve and ball valve)

Marine valves are used to control the pressure, flow and flow policy of the fluid in the ship pipeline in order to meet the environmental conditions of the ship. Valve is the control of fluid pipeline assembly, its basic function is to put through or cut off the pipeline medium smoothness, change the medium smoothness, change the direction of the flow of the medium, adjust the pressure and flow of the medium, protect the normal operation of the pipeline equipment.

According to the requirements of the shipbuilding industry of our country, a total of 12 general valves are designed, 1400 specifications. The height limit pressure of the valve is 25MPa and the diameter is 900mm. Valve materials are cast iron, carbon steel, alloy steel, copper alloy, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, stainless steel, and non-metallic etc. Common medium for fresh water, sea water, air, steam, fuel oil, oil and so on.

Ball and butterfly valves, with their advantages of light weight, small size, good sealing function and easy opening and closing speed, have gradually gained operation on ships, and more and more efforts are being made to replace stop valves and gate valves, improving the functions of ships. Electric gate valve, electric globe valve, electric sea access valve, electro-hydraulic ball valve, electro-hydraulic butterfly valve, pneumatic butterfly valve and other remote control valves have gradually been adopted by the department ship system, and the operation of hydraulic valve remote control system has long improved the level of modernization of ships. The special valves required by the function requirements of various systems on ships, such as high pressure butterfly valve, leading full-open safety valve, sea water solenoid valve, high piezo-liquid ball valve, changing hydraulic gate valve, special pressure reducing valve, temperature regulating valve, high pressure air solenoid valve, night displacement trap, general butterfly valve, etc., can also be developed by themselves to supply ship operation.

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