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Form and types of Gear transmission

Gear transmission types: As per the mutual position of the two wheel axes, gear transmission can be divided into plane gear transmission and space gear transmission. According to the type of gear transmission: 1. According to the relative position of the two shafts and the direction of the gear teeth, it can be divided into […]

How to Find Gear Modification Coefficient

How to calculate gear modification coefficient: 1. Total displacement coefficient: 2. Coefficient of variation of center distance: 3. Coefficient of change of addendum height: 4. The modification coefficient table of the number of teeth z=8~20 cylindrical gear:

What is the gear modification coefficient

The standard gear transmission has some limitations: (1) Limited by undercutting, the number of teeth should not be less than Zmin, making the transmission structure not compact enough; (2) Not suitable for occasions where the installation center distance a’is not equal to the standard center distance a. When a'<a, it cannot be installed, when a’>a, […]

what is bevel gear?

The bevel gear is used to transmit the movement and power between the two intersecting shafts. In general machinery, the angle of intersection between the two shafts of the bevel gear is equal to 90° (but it may not be equal to 90°). Similar to cylindrical gears, bevel gears have indexing cones, addendum cones, tooth […]

what is Spur gear?

Spur gear is a classification of gears. According to the relative position and tooth direction of a pair of gear axes (whether the two circles are parallel), it can be divided into plane gear rotation and space gear rotation; according to the working conditions of the gears, it can be divided into open transmission and […]

Check valve model designation method

Check valve model representation method  Check model preparation instructions Check valve (one-way valve) model compilation instructions: Check valve (one-way valve) is also called check valve or reverse flow valve. It is an automatic valve that opens or closes the disc through the flow of the medium itself, and can only flow in one direction and […]

Valve model establishment and meaning (2)

In the previous article, we have introduced the establishment of code number of the valve model in China. However, there are more and more types of valves and materials, and the compilation of valve models is becoming more and more complicated. Although China has a unified standard for valve model formulation, it is gradually unable […]

Description of lining material for rubber lining valve

Overview of rubber-lined valves: Rubber-lined valve (lined valve) is a valve suitable for pipelines containing corrosive media and high sealing requirements. Generally, the applicable temperature should not be too high, and it is not suitable for use in media containing particles to avoid scratches. Scratches or scratches the sealing surface, causing the valve to leak. […]

Conversion of valve nominal diameter and inch | comparison table

Valve nominal diameter|valve nominal diameter Definition of valve nominal diameter: Nominal diameter (or nominal diameter), also known as average outer diameter, refers to the size of all piping accessories in the piping system. The nominal diameter is a convenient round integer for reference. The nominal diameter of the valve is marked with a number followed […]

Comparison table of valve diameter (DN) and pipe diameter

The size of the valve caliber has an inevitable relationship with the size of the pipeline. It is usually said that the pipe diameter (outer diameter) is matched with the valve. The valve diameter needs to be calculated according to the actual parameters. Generally speaking, the pipeline will be larger, and the valve actually needs […]