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lug type dual plate check valve for marine industry-seawater

The dual plate check valve is divided into 3 types: Wafer type dual plate check valve, lug type dual plate check valve and double flanged dual plate check valve. Classification of lug dual plate check valves: hard-seal lug dual plate check valve and soft-seal lug dual plate check valve; of which soft-seal lug check valve is divided into […]

Introduction and Description of Pneumatic Butterfly Valves

This article gives an introduction and description of the pneumatic butterfly valve. Pneumatic butterfly valve is a control terminal installed on industrial pipelines. Like electric butterfly valve, it belongs to automatic control valve. Pneumatic butterfly valves are now widely used in petroleum, chemical, electric power, metallurgy and other industries. They are usually used in pipelines […]

Structural Characteristics and application of Centerline Butterfly Valves

Centerline butterfly valve is one of the most common types of butterfly valves, mainly including centerline wafer butterfly valve and centerline flanged butterfly valve. In today’s article, we mainly talk about the structural characteristics and usage instructions of the centerline butterfly valve. Structural characteristics of centerline butterfly valve The composition of the centerline butterfly valve […]

Introduction to the Characteristics and Uses of Centerline Wafer Butterfly Valves

Features of centerline wafer butterfly valve: The centerline wafer butterfly valve can be divided into two categories according to the purpose and structure: sealed butterfly valve and non-sealed butterfly valve. Before understanding these two butterfly valve products, we need to have a general understanding of the characteristics of the butterfly valve. The name of the […]

What is the reason for the poor sealing of the valve

Where there is a pipeline, the valve is inseparable. The valve is installed on the pipeline and controls the flow of the fluid medium in the pipeline. It is an important control component. But the valve is also a wearable part. A common valve loss in our life is that the valve is not tightly […]

Knife Gate Valve Structure and Working Principle

Knife gate valve, also called knife type gate valve, is a kind of gate valve. The structural feature of the knife gate valve is that there is an oblique cut at the bottom of its valve plate. Like a knife edge, this knife-shaped oblique cut can easily cut off the medium circulating in the pipeline, […]

Sealing Surface Structure of Handle Wafer Type Butterfly Valve

The sealing surface structure of the handle wafer butterfly valve is the key to ensure the reliable sealing of the valve and an important basis for judging the performance of the valve. The sealing performance is related to whether the butterfly valve can perform normal adjustment and cut off the medium work. In general, the […]

What is the principle of triple eccentric butterfly valve

Triple eccentric butterfly valve is a kind of butterfly valve with outstanding performance in industrial pipelines. According to the sealing form, triple eccentric butterfly valve belongs to the category of hard sealing butterfly valve. Therefore, the triple eccentric butterfly valve has the characteristics of a hard-sealed butterfly valve, which is resistant to high temperature, erosion, […]

Properties of triple eccentric butterfly valve

Performance advantages of triple eccentric butterfly valve: 1. It integrates adjustment and cut-off, and has strong controllability. The design of the new triple eccentric butterfly valve adopts a double safety structure. In order to prevent the deformation of the disc, the dislocation of the valve stem, and the occlusion of the sealing surface caused by […]

introduction of micro-resistance slow-closing butterfly check valve

Introduction of Micro-resistance Slow-closing Butterfly Check Valve The structure of the butterfly check valve is very simple, and its structural length is also very short compared to other check valves. Butterfly check valve is also called butterfly check valve. The connection method is wafer type. The valve plate is two semicircular butterfly plates. The two […]