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Code of valve sealing or lining material

The sealing surface of the valve mainly refers to the contact surface of the valve disc and the valve seat. The sealing

marine valve seat

marine valve seat

element plays the role of cutting off and connecting, adjusting and distributing, separating and mixing the medium on the valve passage, and improving the quality and service life of the valve sealing surface. Appropriate sealing surface materials and reasonable sealing structure must be selected. Valve sealing ring materials are mostly mixed materials, and seals of different components have different effects. When selecting valves, customers should choose corresponding seals according to the actual conditions of the medium, temperature and pressure.

code sealing material/lining material
T Copper alloy
X Rubber
N Nylon plastic
F Fluoroplastic
B Babbitt alloy
H Alloy steel
D Nitrided steel
Y Hard alloy
J Lining
Q Lead lining
C Enamel
P Boronized steel


1. The code of the valve seat sealing material directly processed by the valve body is coded by “W”.
2. When the sealing materials of the valve seat and the valve disc (valve plate) are different, it is indicated by the code of low hardness material (except for diaphragm valves).