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Installation attentions for valves

Precautions for valve installation:

Globe valves, throttle valves, pressure reducing valves, check valves and other valves are all directional. If the throttle valve is installed upside down, it will affect the use effect and life. If the pressure reducing valve does not work at all, if it is stopped The return valve can even cause danger.



Generally, the valve has a direction mark on the valve body; if not, it should be correctly identified according to the working principle of the valve.

The valve cavity of the shut-off valve is asymmetrical left and right, and the fluid must pass through the valve port from bottom to top, so that the fluid resistance is small (determined by the shape), and the opening is labor-saving (due to the upward pressure of the medium), and the medium does not press the packing after closing, which is convenient for maintenance . This is the reason why the globe valve cannot be reversed. Other valves also have their own characteristics.

The valve installation location must be convenient for operation; even if the installation is temporarily difficult, it is necessary to consider the long-term work of the operator.

It is best to keep the valve hand wheel flush with the chest (usually 1.2 meters away from the operating floor), so that opening and closing the valve is easier. The hand wheel of the floor valve should be upward, do not tilt, to avoid

Globe valve (9)

Globe valve (9)

awkward operation. The valve of the wall machine and the equipment should also leave room for the operator to stand. It is necessary to avoid operating from the sky, especially acid and alkali, toxic media, etc., otherwise it is very unsafe.

Do not install the gate valve upside down (that is, the handwheel is down), otherwise the medium will remain in the valve cover space for a long time, which will easily corrode the valve stem, and it is taboo for certain process requirements. At the same time, it is extremely inconvenient to replace the packing.

1. The pressure reducing valve should be installed upright on the horizontal pipeline, and not inclined in all directions.

2. As for the lift check valve, make sure its valve flap is vertical when installing it so that it can be lifted flexibly.

3. Swing check valve, ensure that its pin shaft is level when installing, so that it can swing flexibly.

4. Do not install the rising stem gate valve underground, otherwise the exposed stem will be corroded due to moisture.

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