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What is a triple eccentric metal seated butterfly valve

The triple eccentric metal seated butterfly valve is classified from the multi-level metal seated butterfly valve. Named because of the triple eccentricity structure. Its sealing performance is as good as the soft sealing butterfly valve, and it can maintain a good seal even in a high-pressure and high-temperature environment. It is often used for heating, gas, and gas, oil, acid and alkali environments, and appears in industrial pipelines such as petrochemical, food, medicine, textile, paper, electricity, sewage treatment, water supply and drainage, and smelting. A variety of gas, liquid, semi-fluid and micro-particle powder transportation pipelines or containers also play an important role. In more and more sites, it has gradually begun to replace electric gate valves and stop valves. And the installation position of the triple eccentric metal seated butterfly valve can be arbitrary, which is very convenient.

triple eccentric butterfly valve-wafer-lug-double flange-welded (5)

triple eccentric butterfly valve-wafer-lug-double flange-welded (5)

Let’s take a look at its structural characteristics and principle of action:
1. The difference between the triple eccentric metal seated butterfly valve and the ordinary butterfly valve is the triple eccentric design structure. The advantage of this structure is that there is less friction and no wear during the opening and closing process, which greatly extends the service life of the valve. The disc installation center and the rotation center are designed with a strict eccentricity.
2. The valve seat of this product is embedded with O-shaped rubber ring or fluorine plastic as the sealing gasket. This greatly compensates for the lack of tight sealing of the hard seal butterfly valve, while retaining the advantage of strong applicability of the hard seal. When the medium pressure is introduced into the sealing groove, the product seal squeezes the valve seat sealing surface to the butterfly plate under pressure to seal the valve. This unique sealing structure makes the greater the pressure, the stronger the sealing force.
3. The advantage of the triple eccentric metal seated butterfly valve is also reflected in the later maintenance. Once the sealing ring leaks, the valve can be fine-tuned to the required size by the adjusting screw to the direction of the butterfly plate without disassembling the valve, and the sealing performance of the new valve can be regained, which is a very valuable advantage.
4. In addition to the manual type, the product also has three categories and six series of products such as pneumatic and electric, which fully meets the needs of the site.
On the occasion of use, the triple eccentric metal seated butterfly valve is very suitable for working conditions where the temperature is high and leakage is not allowed, and the medium is impure and impurity, such as cement plants and power plants. And the sealing can be improved by surfacing the sealing surface and improving the strength of the valve seat. If the working conditions allow certain leakage, the ventilation butterfly valve is better to use. Tanghai Valve independently develops, produces and sells various butterfly valve products, including hard-sealed butterfly valves, flanged butterfly valves, electric butterfly valves, pneumatic butterfly valves, pipe network butterfly valves and many other products. Welcome to visit our factory.

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