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Current status and development of Chinese valves

Domestic status: In terms of technical support for valve production and R&D, domestic valves are not lagging behind foreign valves. On the contrary, many products are comparable to international companies in terms of technology

lug type butterfly valve-ductile iron

lug type butterfly valve-ductile iron

and innovation. The development of the domestic valve industry should move towards high-end modernization.

Driven by the four major forces of industrialization, urbanization, reform and globalization, the prospects of my country’s valve equipment manufacturing industry are still broad. In the future, high-end, localization, and modernization of the valve industry will be the main development direction of the valve industry in the future. Pursuing continuous innovation and creating a new market for valve companies can enable companies to survive and develop in the increasingly competitive pump and valve industry.

With the continuous development of valve technology and the continuous expansion of valve application fields, corresponding valve standards are becoming more and more indispensable. The valve industry products have entered a period of innovation. Not only the product categories need to be updated, but the internal management of the enterprise also needs to deepen the reform according to the industry standards.

Therefore, it is necessary to make full use of existing standards while looking forward to the future, and to develop new standards and new systems that can be used in the future, so as to promote the higher-level development of valve technology. In the future, the valve industry will develop in two main directions: one is to develop from a single variety to multiple varieties and specifications; the other is to develop in the direction of energy saving.

According to industry insiders, pump and valve companies can only effectively and clearly understand the status quo of the industry, continuously strengthen and optimize their products, strengthen their awareness of danger, strengthen corporate culture and market service concepts, and only achieve fastness in stability, refinement in fastness, and stability in refinement. Only in this way can companies survive and develop in the increasingly competitive pump and valve industry.

The society is an era of information explosion. It is inevitable for companies to encounter competitors in products. There is competition in the industry, which is a good thing for some companies. Because of competition, enterprises have improved the quality of products and services, and consumers have obtained better or more consumption and services with less money. The market is a “screen”. While the industry is developing and progressing, the market is also surviving the fittest enterprises in the industry. Although the current status of the development of the butterfly valve industry is gaining momentum, the national support policies have been greatly improved, and the market demand has continued to increase. Due to the fierce competition in the industry, the pump and valve industry has also made domestic pump and valve related technologies to improve, but many interference factors indicate The development prospects of the pump valve industry are not optimistic.

For some large competitive enterprises, through competition, the scale of the enterprise has become larger and larger, and the popularity has become higher and higher. However, for some small and medium-sized enterprises that are not competitive, they may face the risk of being merged or going bankrupt. In the increasingly fierce valve market, only companies with core competitiveness can gain a foothold in the market, and innovation becomes a weapon for companies to win the market.