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Use performance and working principle of vertical check valve

Use performance of vertical check valve:

silent check valve (3)

silent check valve (3)

This valve is used as a device to prevent the backflow of the medium on industrial pipelines.

Performance specifications:

Test pressure: nominal pressure (MPa) 1.6 / 2.5 / 4.0; 150Lb-900Lb

Shell test: 2.4/ 3.8 / 6.0; psig425-psig3250

Seal test: 1.8 /2.8/ 4.4; psig300-psig2400

Body material: WCB(C) /CF8(P) /CF 8M (R) /WC6 /WC9; 20#,A105

Working temperature: ≤ 425 / ≤ 100 /≤ 100/ ≤ 550 /≤ 550;

Applicable medium: water, steam, oil, nitric acid, acetic acid,

Executive standard: Design and manufacture: GB12235, AP!6D, BS “Structural length: GB12221, ASME/ANSI16.10, API6D” connection flange: JB/T79-1994, GB/9113, ASME/ANSI16.5, API605

Test and inspection: JB/T9092-1999, API598, API6D

lifting check valve (4)

lifting check valve (4)

Principle of action of vertical check valve:
During the use of this valve, the medium flows in the direction of the arrow shown in the figure.

1. When the medium flows in the specified direction, the valve flap is opened by the force of the medium; when the medium flows backward, the sealing surface of the valve flap and the valve seat is sealed due to the weight of the valve flap and the action of the reverse force of the medium. Close together to achieve the purpose of preventing the medium from flowing backward.

2. The sealing surface of the valve body and valve clack adopts stainless steel surfacing welding.

3. The structural length of this valve is in accordance with the regulations of GB12221-1989, and the flange connection dimensions are in accordance with the regulations of JB/T79-1994.

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