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Swash plate type non-impact check valve

“Swash plate check valve” generally refers to tilting disc swing check valve.

Chinese name: PXH44H-150LB swash plate type non-impact check valve

8 tilting-disc-swing-check-valve-3

8 tilting-disc-swing-check-valve-3

Structure length: ASME B16.10
Product design press: ASME B16.34
Inspection and testing: API 598

PXH44H-150LB swash plate type non-impact check valve details:

1. Product overview:

It is a new type of check valve developed by combining our company’s many years of valve production technology with foreign advanced product design and development. Its main advantage is to overcome the impact and water hammer caused by the swing check valve and the lift type upper return valve under working conditions. Phenomenon, to achieve no impact operation.

2. Design specifications:

Flange size according to: ASME B16.5 GB HG SH

Pressure rating: Class 150, 300, 600 PN 2.0, 5.0, 10.0 MPa

3. Structural features:

The double eccentric valve flap gradually contacts the sealing surface when it is closed, so that it can work without impact and noise.

Micro-elastic metal seat with good sealing performance.

Butterfly valve disc design, fast, sensitive and long service life.

The swash plate structure makes the fluid channel streamlined, with low flow resistance and energy saving effect.

4. Materials for main parts:

code valve body valve flap valve sealing/seat
R CF8M CF8M+STL 0Cr17Ni12Mo2
K CF3 CF3+STL 00Cr19Ni11
J CF3M CF3M+STL 00Cr17Ni14Mo2
E CN7M CN7M+STL 20 alloy
C WCB WCB+13Cr 0Cr19Ni9
D LCB CF8+STL 0Cr19Ni9

5. Main properties:

Items normal swing check valve swash plate type non-impact check valve
Closing force big small(about 1/5~1/8 of the former)
compact force big None
sealing  performance as per API 598, leakages allowed can realize no leakage
flow resistance big(ξ=1.3~2.5) small(ξ=0.18~0.6)
flow ability small(Cv=76) big(Cv=154~333)
weight big small(about 80% of former)

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