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What is double plate swing check valve

Main features of Double plate swing check valve:

double wing check valve (5)

double wing check valve (5)

Two valve plates are fixed on the valve body along a pivot axis, and two springs are installed on the butterfly plate above the sealing surface. Driven by the pressure of the medium flow, the spring is compressed to force the butterfly plate to open. When the medium flows back , The spring forces the valve to close. This kind of valve can be assembled on horizontal and vertical pipelines.

Design Features of Double plate check valve:
Design standard: API 594, API 6D, ASME B16.34, GB/T 12236
Good sealing performance
Small size and light weight
Wide application, flexible disc, fast closing
Valve plate closes quickly
Small closing impact

Product Range:
Body material: carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel
Caliber: 1/2″~60″(DN15~DN1500)
Pressure range: Class150~2500 (PN10~PN420)
Connection method: RF, RTJ, BW
Working temperature: -196℃~+560℃

TH VALVE is one of the largest double plate check valve manufacturers in China, main products are butterfly valves, check valves: butterfly valve, lug type butterfly valve, wafer type butterfly valve, U-type butterfly valve, double flange butterfly valve, gate valves, check valves, globe valves, valve parts (Valve body, Valve disc, Valve shaft, Valve seat…)

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