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Wafer type double disc swing check valve introduction

Introduction of wafer type double wing check valve:

1. Product appication of wafer type double swing check valve:

double plate check valve body

double plate check valve body

H76H/, H77H wafer butterfly double flap check valve is used for pure pipelines and industrial, environmental protection, water treatment, high-rise building water supply and drainage pipelines to prevent the reverse flow of media.

2. Product Features of wafer type double swing check valve:

  • Small size, light weight, compact structure and convenient maintenance
  • The valve plate adopts a dual type, which can be quickly closed under the elastic force of the spring.
  • Due to the quick closing effect, the medium can be prevented from flowing back
  • The length of the valve body structure is small and the rigidity is good
  • Safe and convenient, can be used for horizontal and vertical installation

3. Implementation standards

  • Flange connection size: GB/T1724.1-98
  • Structure length: GB/T12221-1989, ISO5752-82

4. Performance parameters:

  • Working pressure: 0-4 Mpa
  • Temperature: -29-425°C
  • Applicable medium: Water, Oil, Steam, Nitric acid.

5. Material of Dual Plate Swing check valve Parts

PART NAME Material
BODY Cast Iron; Ductile Iron; Stainless Steel; Carbon steel
DISC / PLATE Stainless Steel; Carbon steel; Bronze
SHAFT / STEM Stainless Steel Monel; Stainless Steel Inconel
BOLTS Carbon steel
NUTS Stainless steel

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