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What is a Single-disc swing check valve

Product details of Single-disc swing check valve:
Brand: THV

single disc swing check valve body

single disc swing check valve body

Material: Stainless steel, cast iron, etc.
Connection form: Wafer structure Butterfly type
Nominal diameter DN15-DN400 (mm)
Applicable medium: fresh water, sea water, steam, food, medicine —-
Form Butterfly Pressure Environment Normal Pressure Standard British Standard American Standard National Standard Flow Direction Two-way Drive Mode Manual Operating Temperature Normal Temperature Type (Channel Position) Straight-through

Applicable medium:
Fresh water, sea water, air, steam, food, medicine, and various oils, acids, alkalis, salts, etc.

Features of single disc swing check valve:
Long service life, reliable sealing performance and no frequent maintenance. The flow characteristic of the butterfly valve is 3 times that of the globe valve and 75% of the gate valve of the same specification. The butterfly valve can realize the switching and regulating function of the fluid in the pipeline. Compared with the gate valve and the stop valve, it has a better multifunctional type. The various choices of internal parts and elastic materials make butterfly valves widely used in the chemical industry.

The butterfly valve is light in weight and small in size. For example: the weight and volume of a 10″ butterfly valve are respectively 1/9 and 1/6 of a 10″ gate valve. Therefore, the butterfly valve is easy to install and can save the cost of the piping system. Compared with metal-sealed gate valves and globe valves, soft-sealed butterfly valves can achieve complete air tightness. The butterfly valve is easy to operate and can realize the opening and closing function within a 90° rotation range. The price of the butterfly valve of the same specification is about 35-40% of the price of the gate valve, and the installation cost of the butterfly valve is relatively low. The correctly installed butterfly valve has a certain degree of self-cleaning, and it is not easy to fail due to the stolen goods in the pipeline.

Note: The valve connecting flange size in this table conforms to BS4504 PN10, and the transmission connecting flange size conforms to ISO5211. In addition, it also meets the flange connection standards of other countries and the special connection sizes required by customers.

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