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Valve model establishment and meaning (2)

In the previous article, we have introduced the establishment of code number of the valve model in China. However, there are more and more types of valves and materials, and the compilation of valve models is becoming more and

U-type flange butterfly valve, ductile iron, DI, center line,

U-type flange butterfly valve, ductile iron, DI, center line,

more complicated. Although China has a unified standard for valve model formulation, it is gradually unable to meet the needs of the development of the valve industry. At present, valve manufacturers generally adopt a unified numbering method; each manufacturer that cannot use a unified numbering method can develop its own numbering method according to its own situation.
Here we mainly introduce the method of Chinese valve numbering, and we will give examples.
For example, the Z543H-16C bevel gear drive, flange connection, flat gate valve, nominal pressure 1.6MPA, valve body material is carbon steel.
Please refer to the previous article for the specific number code: Valve model establishment and meaning

Unit One , valve type (code name):

butterfly valve safety valve Diaph-ragm valve ball valve gate valve check valve plug valve Pressure reducing valve globe valve filter Disch-arge valve

Unit two, valve drive mode (code name):

drive mode Electro-magne-tism Electro-magnetic hydraulic Electro-hydraulic tur-bine Spur gear Bevel gear pneu-matic Hydr-aulic Gas-hydr-aulic elec-tric han-dle Hand-wheel
code 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Unit three, valve connection method (code name):

connection internal thread external thread two different connections flange welding wafer clamp ferrule
code 1 2 3 4 6 7 8 9

Unit Four, valve structure (code name):

Butterfly valve structure (code name):

butterfly structure butterfly code butterfly structure butterfly code
sealed singl eccentric 0 unsealed single eccentric 5
center vertical plate 1 center vertical plate 6
double eccentric 2 double eccentric 7
triple eccentric 3 triple eccentric 8
linkage mechanism 4 linkage mechanism 9

Another example: D341X-16Q: Double flange butterfly valve, worm gear, soft centerline seal, nominal pressure 1.6Mpa, valve body material is ductile iron
Another example: D371X-10C: Wafer butterfly valve, turbo drive, soft centerline seal, nominal pressure 1.0MPA, and the valve body material is cast steel.
The valve number has 7 digits, and each position has a different code, so there are many changes in the valve, and the price will not be too uniform. And these 7 codes can’t represent the details of all materials. In addition to these 7 codes, there are many components that will greatly affect the use of the valve and the cost and price of the valve, such as the material of the valve plate, the material of the valve shaft, and the length of the valve structure.
Therefore, in the valve industry, there are many special products that need to be customized, and individual inquiries need to be checked separately, and special circumstances require special treatment.

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