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Check valve model designation method

Check valve model representation method  Check model preparation instructions
Check valve (one-way valve) model compilation instructions:
Check valve (one-way valve) is also called check valve or reverse flow valve. It is an automatic valve that opens or

tilting disc swing check valve (3)

tilting disc swing check valve (3)

closes the disc through the flow of the medium itself, and can only flow in one direction and cannot be reversed. It is mainly used for In the piping system, prevent the medium from flowing back or flowing backward. Check valves have a wide range of uses and types. Different types of check valves are also different in different pipelines, operating conditions and connection methods. In order to avoid selecting the wrong model when purchasing a valve, and causing unnecessary working conditions during the application process due to improper model selection, users should have more understanding and awareness of the following check valve model preparation instructions. Check valve (check valve) model compilation instructions are mainly to make a detailed analysis of the additional conditions, connection methods, structural forms, sealing materials, pressure ratings and shell materials of the check valve. Hope it helps you when you buy check valves.

Check valve (check valve) model representation method:
Additional code of check valve: HH: micro-resistance slow-closing check valve, BH: heat preservation check valve, HQ: rolling ball check valve;
Check valve code: H stands for check valve;
Connection code: 4 flanges, 6 welding, 7 wafer;
Code of structural form: 1: lift type, 2: vertical type, 4: swing type, 6: double flap type, 8: butterfly type;
Sealing material code: B: babbitt alloy, F: fluorine plastic, H: stainless steel, M: Monel alloy, X: rubber, Y: cemented carbide, W: direct processing;
Pressure grade code: 16=16 kg pressure, PN1.6-25mpa, pound grade 150LB-2500LB, Japanese grade 5K-63K;
Shell material code: Q: ductile iron, C: carbon steel, P:304, R:316, A: titanium alloy, I: chromium molybdenum steel;

Example of model preparation of check valve (check valve):
H44H-16C swing flange check valve
H: indicates the check valve;
4: Flange link;
4: Swing type;
H: The sealing material is stainless steel;
16: The pressure is 16 kg (1.6mpa)
C: The valve body is carbon steel.

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