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The difference between American, Germany and China standard valve

The difference between American standard valve, German standard valve and China standard valve

lug type butterfly valve, ductile iron, center lined,

lug type butterfly valve, ductile iron, center lined,

(American Standard, German Standard, National Standard) The difference between the valves:
First of all, it can be distinguished from the standard codes of various countries: GB is the national standard, the American standard (ANSI), and the German standard (DIN). Secondly, it can be distinguished from the model. The valve model of the national standard is named according to the pinyin letter of the valve category. For example, the safety valve is A, butterfly valve, D, diaphragm valve, G, check valve, H, globe valve, J, throttle valve, L, drain valve, P, ball valve, Q, trap, S, gate valve, and so on. ,
There are no special specifications between American standard valves, German standard valves, and national standard valves. It is nothing more than the difference between production standards and pressure levels. The material of the valve body and internal parts are easy to say, it is nothing but cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel, etc. Taking the American standard as an example, the pressure level of the American standard ranges from 125LB to 2500LB (or 200PSI to 6000PSI), and the main standard is API, ANSI, commonly referred to as API, and ANSI valves are American standard valves; German standard valve pressures are usually PN10 to PN320. DIN standard; if the valve is flanged, the corresponding flange standard must be adopted. The world’s main valve standards are also the American Standard Petroleum Institute API standard, the American national standard ANSI, the German standard DIN, the Japanese standard JIS, the national standard GB, the European standard EN, and the British standard BS. ,
Simply put, American standard valves are valves designed, manufactured, produced and tested according to American standards. German standard valves are valves designed, manufactured, produced and tested according to German standards. The national standard valve is the valve designed, manufactured, produced and tested according to our country’s standard. The differences between the three are roughly as follows: 1. The flange standards are different; 2. The structural length is different; 3. The inspection requirements are different.
National Standard Valves American Standard Valves German Standard Valves (American Standard, German Standard, National Standard) Valve Standards: Chinese National Standards (GB) Chinese Ministry of Machinery Standards (JB) American National Standards (ANSI) American Petroleum Institute Standards (API) American Society for Testing and Materials Standards (ASTM) American Valve and Fitting Manufacturers Standardization Association Standards (MSS) Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) German National Standards (DIN) French National Standards (NF) British National Standards, European Standards (BS, EN) Other National Valve Standards ( ГOCT, IEEE, UL)

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