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Pneumatic ball valve-with high platform vs with bracket

The difference between pneumatic high platform ball valve and pneumatic ball valve with bracket
Pneumatic ball valve is one of the most widely used valve types in recent years. It is not only convenient in operation, but also very fast in execution. It is used in a variety of fields, such as petroleum, chemical, power generation, paper, food, and pharmaceutical industries. And in people’s daily lives. By connecting the air source, solenoid valve control, and related accessories, the pipeline can be quickly opened or closed, and it can also be intelligently controlled to achieve the adjustment of various process parameters such as pipeline media!

Schematic diagram of high platform ball valve

Schematic diagram of high platform ball valve

There are many types of pneumatic ball valves, which can be divided into various models according to pressure, material, connection form, applied medium, including control form. Today we will analyze the difference and choice between the pneumatic high platform ball valve and the ordinary pneumatic ball valve with bracket!
Description and advantages and disadvantages of pneumatic high platform ball valve:
Pneumatic high platform ball valve, as the name implies, is that the ball valve adopts a high platform design. The ISO standard is commonly used. The purpose of this is to facilitate the installation of the drive device. The connecting plate can be directly installed and connected with the (electric/pneumatic) actuator without a bracket. And connecting shaft. It can save costs by avoiding the bracket, improve production efficiency, and greatly improve the stability between the valve and the actuator, and the performance is very stable in use, so the application of the overall valve will not be affected by the looseness of the bracket or the large coupling gap. To
The advantage of pneumatic high platform ball valve is that its shape is more beautiful than ordinary ball valve, more refined, beautiful and generous, it takes up less space, and the structure is more compact. The disadvantage is that it is not resistant to high temperature, and the temperature is transmitted to the cylinder. The rubber ring in the cylinder is easy to age, and it is generally applicable. In the pipeline where the medium temperature is below 80 degrees. To
Description and advantages and disadvantages of pneumatic ball valve with bracket:
The use and function of the pneumatic bracket ball valve and the high platform ball valve are the same. The difference is that between the pneumatic bracket ball valve actuator and the ball valve body, there is a bracket supported, usually high medium temperature needs to be equipped with a bracket , This can avoid damage to the actuator due to high temperature. In layman’s terms, the ultimate purpose of the bracket is to extend the service life of the valve. The advantage of the pneumatic ball valve with bracket is that the heat dissipation function is relatively strong. For example, the medium temperature of the pipeline is above 300 degrees. At this time, it is recommended that the valve stem of the pneumatic ball valve should be correspondingly lengthened and the bracket should be attached at the same time. The reason for the extension of the valve stem with the bracket is to separate the valve body of the ball valve from the actuator, so as to prevent the medium temperature of the ball valve body from being too high, thereby affecting the service life of the actuator. For example, when the valve body of a ball valve is immersed in a liquid medium, and the liquid medium is strongly corrosive, the operator cannot approach it, and the actuator is outside the liquid surface, and the actuator needs to be operated by the staff. In this case It is necessary to choose a ball valve with a longer stem and a bracket, and if the liquid is strongly corrosive, the material of the ball valve must also be standard stainless steel, so as to ensure the normal operation of the pneumatic ball valve.

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