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Installation instructions of the wafer type butterfly valve

Preparation before installation of wafer type butterfly valve:
1. Check whether the specifications and materials of the butterfly valve conform to the design before installation.

wafer type butterfly valve, EPDM seat (10)

wafer type butterfly valve, EPDM seat (10)

2. Before installation, clean the internal sand, dust, foreign matter and debris to avoid irregular movement or leakage.
3. The related piping should be properly suspended and fixed according to regulations before installation to avoid improper stress on the valve after installation.
4. The two flange faces of the piping must be aligned parallel and concentric.
5. No additional gasket is needed between butterfly valve and flange during installation.
6. Where the butterfly valve is close to the check valve or the pump, use a divergent joint between the two so that the valve disc will not be hindered from turning off.

Installation steps of wafer type butterfly valve:
1. Open the valve disc 10 degrees before installation. (The same before disassembly)
2. Set auxiliary screws at appropriate positions to adjust the distance between the two flange surfaces.
3. Insert the butterfly valve without touching the two flange surfaces and at the same time penetrate the remaining bolts.
4. After confirming that the center of the butterfly valve is concentric with the center of the flange and the switch position of the valve disc is not the inner diameter of the flange or the adjacent parts are obstructed, the bolts are locked repeatedly in a diagonal and gradual manner until the flange surface touches the end surface of the valve body.
5. After the installation is completed, the degree of full open and full close should be confirmed again.

1. Before starting the operation, use air spray to remove foreign objects on the piping, and clean the inner surface of the piping with clean water.
2. Open the valve to check the angle indicator plate, avoid torsion exceeding the opening width, and the closing position cannot be exceeded.
3. The operation of the switch is completely based on the indicator. If other hand tools are applied, the angle indicating plate and the switch will be damaged.
4. When the pressure test of piping is to be done, the valve should be opened.
5. After piping, the valve is in a fully closed state for a long time, and it should be switched on and off once or twice a month to avoid fixation.

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