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The structural characteristics and uses of the wafer butterfly valve

The structural characteristics and uses of the wafer type butterfly valve:

wafer type butterfly valve, NBR seat (11)

wafer type butterfly valve, NBR seat (11)

  • The unique design of three-way eccentricity enables frictionless transmission between the sealing surfaces and prolongs the service life of the valve.
  • The elastic seal is produced by torque.
  • The ingenious wedge-shaped design makes the valve have an automatic sealing function as the valve is closed and tighter, and the sealing surface has compensation and zero leakage.
  • Small size, light weight, light operation, easy to install.
  • Pneumatic and electric devices can be configured according to user requirements to meet the needs of remote control and program control.
  • The material of the replacement parts can be applied to various media, and the lining can be anticorrosive (lining F46, GXPP, PO, etc.)
  • Diversified continuous structure: butt clamp, flange, butt welding.

Used in the gas pipeline in the sulfuric acid industry: the inlet and outlet of the blower in front of the furnace, the inlet and outlet of the relay fan, the electric demisting series and the connecting valve, the inlet and outlet of the S02 main blower, the adjustment of the converter, the inlet and outlet of the preheater, etc. and the use of cut-off gas.
It is used in the sulfur burning, conversion and dry absorption sections of the sulfur-burning sulphuric acid plant. It is the preferred brand of valves for the sulphur-burning sulphuric acid plant. It is regarded by the majority of users as: good sealing performance, light operation, secondary corrosion, high temperature resistance, convenient operation, The flexible, safe and reliable butterfly valve has been widely used.
It is also widely used in: SO2, steam, air, gas, ammonia, CO2, oil, water, brine, lye, seawater, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid in the chemical, petrochemical, smelting, pharmaceutical, food and other industries It is used as a regulating and intercepting device on the pipeline of other medium.

Tianjin Tanghaidongyang valve Co., Ltd. is one of the largest butterfly valve manufacturers in China, main products are butterfly valves, check valves. Main products: butterfly valve, lug type butterfly valve, wafer type butterfly valve, U-type butterfly valve, double flange butterfly valve, gate valves, check valves, globe valves, valve parts (Valve body, Valve disc, Valve shaft, Valve seat…)

TH Valve is a professional manufacturer of butterfly valvegate valvecheck valveglobe valveknife gate valve, ball valve with API, JIS, DIN standard, used in Oil, Gas, Marine industry, Water supply and drainage, fire fighting, shipbuilding, water treatment and other systems, with Nominal Diameter of DN50 to DN1200, NBR/EPDM/VITON, Certificates & Approvals: DNV-GL, Lloyds, DNV, BV, API, ABS, CCS. Standards: EN 593, API609, API6D

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