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Operation precautions of stainless steel butterfly valve

Stainless steel butterfly valves are usually metal seated butterfly valves, which can be driven by manual, pneumatic, etc., and are suitable for use in high temperature and corrosive medium pipelines. Stainless steel butterfly valves are currently widely used in the market and can be seen in many fields. Especially in metallurgy, chemical industry,

D673H-16C-stainless steel pneumatic triple eccentric butterfly valve

D673H-16C-stainless steel pneumatic triple eccentric butterfly valve

building materials, power stations, glass and other industries in the dusty cold or hot air pipelines of ventilation and environmental protection projects, it plays an important role as a gas medium to adjust the flow or cut off the device.

Stainless steel butterfly valves mainly have the following two characteristics:
1. It is designed and manufactured with a new structure welded by a centerline disc plate and a short structure steel plate. It is compact in structure, light in weight, easy to install, small in flow resistance, large in circulation, avoiding the influence of high temperature expansion, and easy to operate.
2. There are no connecting rods, bolts, etc., so it works reliably and has a long service life. It can be installed in multiple positions and is not affected by the flow direction of the medium.
The advantages and disadvantages of stainless steel butterfly valves are: advantages. 1. It is convenient and quick to open and close, labor-saving, low fluid resistance, and can be operated frequently. 2. Simple structure, small size and light weight. 3. Mud can be transported, and the accumulation of liquid at the pipe mouth is the least. 4. Under low pressure, good sealing can be achieved. 5. Good adjustment performance. shortcoming. 1. The working pressure and working temperature range are small. 2. Poor airtightness.
In view of these characteristics, we first strictly follow the operating procedures in the instructions in our usual operations. Finally, pay attention to observe the valve opening and closing instructions and the operation of the valve stem, and the valve opening and closing degree must meet the requirements. In the process of opening and closing the valve, if the signal indicator is found to be wrong or the valve makes an abnormal sound, it should be shut down in time for inspection. We pay attention to these problems in daily use, so as to reduce the damage caused by operating errors in stainless steel butterfly valves.
Stainless steel butterfly valve is one of the valve products that many manufacturers need to purchase. Customers must pay attention to the selection of valve manufacturers when choosing specific valve parameters such as model size and caliber. Only by choosing a reputable and advantageous valve manufacturer can the valve quality be better and the later repairs more convenient.

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