How many types of gate valves?

Types and classifications method of gate valves Gate valve, also called slab valve, is mainly composed of valve body, bonnet, gate, valve stem, valve seat and sealing packing. It is one of the most common valve types in isolation valves. The main purpose of the gate valve is to cut off the fluid. For this […]

Globe valve structures and design standard

Globe valve structure, Globe valve design standard The shut-off valve is a particularly common shut-off valve, which is mainly used to connect or cut off the medium in the pipeline, and is generally not used to adjust the flow. The globe valve is suitable for a wide range of pressure and temperature, but it is […]

Structural characteristics & features of flanged butterfly valves

The basic knowledge and structural characteristics of flange butterfly valves: The flanged butterfly valve has introduced a self-sealing design concept, in which the connection between the disc and the valve shaft adopts a patented pull-out pin structure. The main features of the valve are reliable sealing, bi-directional sealing, and tight connection without loosening, so that […]

structures and differences of Non-rising stem(NRS) and rising stem(RS) gate valve

structures and differences of Non-rising stem(NRS) gate valve and rising stem(RS) gate valve RS gate valve structure picture, NRS gate valve structure picture RS gate valve and NRS gate valve are different from the transmission mode. RS gate valve is a handwheel that drives a nut to rotate in place, and the stem is linearly […]

Working Principle of Pneumatic Globe Valve

Principle of Pneumatic Globe Valve, Working Principle of Pneumatic Globe Valve Working principle of pneumatic stop valve: Pneumatic shut-off valve is a valve that uses compressed air as the power source. It adopts remote control. The main control room manually or automatically triggers the action command to activate the inlet and exhaust solenoid valves to […]

Ventilation butterfly valve installation instructions

Ventilation butterfly valve installation | instructions for use Instructions for use of the ventilation butterfly valve: The structural design of the ventilation butterfly valve should be combined with the operating conditions of the valve. 1. Under the smelting conditions with high temperature and high dust content, the design of the ventilation butterfly valve can adopt […]

Working Principle of Pneumatic Gate Valve

Brief introduction of pneumatic gate valve: The pneumatic gate valve is equipped with a pneumatic actuator, which is driven by compressed air to control the gate valve. The valve core is composed of a wedge-shaped structure and a parallel structure, which is suitable for the emergency cut-off and discharge of gas and liquid pipelines. Working […]

Butterfly valve flange types and introduction

Butterfly valve flange introduction, butterfly valve flange types Butterfly valve flanges are called flanges and flanged parts. It is a product that connects valves and pipes in pipelines. The special flanges for butterfly valves are the same as ordinary flanges, that is, the inner hole is different. The special flange of the butterfly valve has […]

The structure and characteristics of bellows gate valve

The structure and characteristics of bellows gate valve The valve stem of the bellows gate valve adopts a double sealing structure of bellows and packing to ensure a leak-free seal at the valve stem. It is used in power stations, natural gas, ammonia, vacuum, refrigeration systems, hot oil, and hot water systems. It is especially […]

pneumatic fluorine-lined butterfly valve vs pneumatic hard-sealed butterfly valve

The difference between pneumatic fluorine-lined butterfly valve and pneumatic hard-sealed butterfly valve Pneumatic butterfly valve is an important execution unit with relatively large usage in industrial pipelines. Compressed air is used as the power source to operate the valve opening and closing, and the execution speed is very fast, usually only a few seconds! Pneumatic […]