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The structure and characteristics of bellows gate valve

The structure and characteristics of bellows gate valve
The valve stem of the bellows gate valve adopts a double sealing structure of bellows and packing to ensure a leak-free seal at the valve stem. It is used in power stations, natural gas, ammonia, vacuum, refrigeration systems, hot oil, and hot water systems. It is especially suitable for flammable, Pipelines for explosive, toxic and precious media.

rising stem gate valve-OS&Y (3)

rising stem gate valve-OS&Y (3)

Bellows gate valve structure:
The bellows, bonnet and stem of the bellows gate valve are welded into one body without seams, so there is no leakage. The action of the valve stem is caused by the deformation of the compressed bellows, not by relative movement. Ordinary gate valves are sealed with packing, the valve stem and packing will slide, and it is easy to leak (spool) at low temperatures. Bellows gate valves do not have this problem.
Structure diagram of bellows gate valve
Bellows gate valves use stainless steel hermetic bellows that can be stretched and compressed instead of packing seals. They are generally used for the transmission of more permeable media, such as valves on hydrogen systems. As long as the bellows are not damaged, there is generally no leakage; while general gate valves Packing is used for sealing, which is prone to leakage.
Features of bellows gate valve:
1: The corrugated gate valve is double-sealed, bellows (stainless steel) + packing, and has better safety performance, so it is often used in systems such as toxic media, flammable and explosive media, high-temperature steam, and hot oil.
2: The switching torque is small, the switching is relatively easy, there is no flow resistance loss, the service life is long, and the appearance is beautiful. Related knowledge: Working principle of gate valves Types and classifications of gate valves

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