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What kind of centerline wafer butterfly valve is a high-quality butterfly valve

There are many types of butterfly valves. Today we mainly want to discuss the centerline wafer butterfly valve, which is our more common type of butterfly valve. It has a wide range of applications, and currently there are many

Wafer type butterfly valve with worm gear

Wafer type butterfly valve with worm gear

manufacturers of soft-seal wafer type butterfly valves. However, the quality and appearance of these butterfly valve products are still very different. How do we judge the quality of butterfly valves when we purchase butterfly valves? What are the characteristics and elements of a good centerline wafer butterfly valve? Tanghai Valve also summarized some of the feedback from many customers on-site and shared it with all users and friends.

1. Many of the centerline wafer butterfly valves are soft-sealed butterfly valves, lined with fluorine or rubber. Therefore, the quality of the material of the sealing pair requires high standards. Such as rubber, high-quality rubber can be long-lasting and elastic to play a good sealing role. However, the low-quality rubber hardened in a short time, and the valve naturally stuck or leaked internally. Therefore, in many cases, the final quality of the product is determined by details that are easily overlooked. For another example, the shaft hole on the valve stem and the valve body must have bushings, and the function of the bushing is to limit the bending deformation of the valve stem under pressure. The sealing ring between the valve stem and the valve stem shaft hole should be designed reasonably to ensure that the medium will not penetrate between the valve stem and the valve stem shaft hole. The bushing and sealing ring on the valve stem should not increase the torque too much.
2. Small torque, long service life, and good adjustment performance are all evaluation criteria.
3. Good airtightness and guaranteed leakage level!

To achieve good quality of the centerline wafer butterfly valve, butterfly valve manufacturers need to strictly control from several aspects. One is from the structure, such as bearings, valve stems, actuator connections, etc. are well-made. The design between the valve seat and the valve body can be more rationalized. Second, the processing technology is brave to innovate on the basis of maturity and adapt to more working conditions. Material selection should be scientifically optimized to ensure that the performance of the material meets the characteristics of the medium. In the selection, professional manufacturers should also provide customers with mature application experience to assist in purchasing. Actively collect feedback from users on product quality and respond to market demand in a timely manner.
The centerline wafer butterfly valve is very popular in the market, but any product has its own weaknesses. The weak point of the centerline pair clip-on butterfly valve is that when it is opened and closed, the unavoidable valve plate and valve wall are scratched and worn, which affects the service life. Therefore, Tanghai Valve is also actively launching a new double eccentric soft sealing butterfly valve. Due to the ingenious design of eccentricity, the valve plate can quickly leave the valve wall when it is opened, the sealing surface is protected, and the service life is longer. Coupled with a soft seal, the sealing performance is better. Tanghai’s double eccentric soft-seal butterfly valve also received very good market response soon after its launch. You are welcome to inquire.

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