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Centerline flange butterfly valve

The centerline flange butterfly valve is a high-quality soft-sealed valve. Mainly by the fully lined rubber valve body. The disc plate, valve stem, operating mechanism

U type flange butterfly valve (16)

U type flange butterfly valve (16)

and other parts have the characteristics of simple structure, good corrosion resistance, light operating torque and high reliability.

Overview of Centerline flange butterfly valve:
The centerline flange butterfly valve is widely used in tap water system, industrial water system, sewage treatment, metallurgy, petrochemical and other industries to cut off and adjust pipeline media. It is also suitable for corrosive systems (such as seawater treatment, etc.) Used for cutting off and adjusting.

Features of Centerline flange butterfly valve:

  • Excellent corrosion resistance
    The inner wall of the valve body adopts an integral rubber vulcanization structure, which completely isolates the contact between the medium and the valve body metal. In addition to the corrosion-resistant disc plate, the valve has excellent anti-corrosion performance;
  • Low flow resistance
    The disc version adopts a pancake-like structure, coupled with a full-bore valve seat, the valve has a very low flow resistance;
  • Light operating torque
    The rubber valve seat is vulcanized on the valve body as a whole, and the valve seat will not be displaced or moved during the valve opening and closing process. When the valve is fully closed, the compression amount of each valve seat is uniform, and the valve seat has a lower operating torque;
  • Reliable disc plate and shaft connection
    The connection between the disc and the shaft adopts a special pin structure, which is firm and reliable;

Diversified operation forms of Centerline flange butterfly valve:
The valve can be equipped with worm gear drive, handle drive, electric, pneumatic and other drive modes to meet customer needs.

technical parameter of Centerline flange butterfly valve:
Valve connection form: double flange
Nominal valve size: DN50-DN1200
Pressure rating PN6-PN25

Executive standard: API, DIN, BS, EN, GB and other international standards.
Design and Manufacture Conform to EN 593, API609
Flange dimensions Conform to EN 1092-2 PN10
Face to Face dimensions Conform to EN558 series
Topwork’s dimensions Conform to ISO5211
Testing Conform to API598, EN12266-1
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