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Butterfly valve flange types and introduction

Butterfly valve flange introduction, butterfly valve flange types
Butterfly valve flanges are called flanges and flanged parts. It is a product that connects valves and pipes in pipelines. The special flanges for butterfly valves are the same as ordinary flanges, that is, the inner hole is different. The special flange of the butterfly valve has a small inner hole and an extra slot for intubation.

flange TG-

flange TG-

The butterfly valve flange can be a single type or a combined type, such as the flanges at both ends of the valve, which is convenient for installing bolts. One end of the pipe and the other end are flange-to-flange connection, or a connection joint, which refers to a foldable connection that is connected to each other by flanges, gaskets and bolts as a set of combined sealing structures. Pipe flanges refer to pipe installations. The flange used in the middle piping, the valve refers to the flange of the valve, the flange has holes, bolts make the two flanges tightly connected, and the flange is sealed with gaskets.
[Butterfly valve flange material] No. 20, A105, Q235A, 12Cr1MoV, 16MnR, 15CrMo, 18-8, 321, 304, 304L, 316, 316L.
[Sealing surface form] Flat surface (FF), raised surface (RF), convex surface (M), concave surface (F), concave and convex surface (MF), tenon surface (T), groove surface (G), tongue and groove surface (TG) , Ring connection surface (RJ).
[According to petrochemical industry standards] Threaded flange (PT), butt welding flange (WN), flat welding flange (SO), socket welding flange (SW), loose flange (LJ), flange cover ( No note).
[According to mechanical industry standards] Butterfly valve flange pictures: Integral flange, butt welding flange, plate flat welding flange, butt welding ring plate loose flange, flat welding ring plate loose flange, flange ring plate loose flange method Lan, flange cover.
[According to national standards] Integral flanges, threaded flanges, butt welding flanges, flat welding flanges with necks, socket welding flanges with necks, butt welding ring loose flanges with necks, plate flat welding flanges, Welded ring plate loose flange, flat welded ring plate loose flange, flanged ring plate loose flange, flange cover.
[According to chemical industry standards] Integral flange (IF), threaded flange (Th), plate flat welding flange (PL), diameter butt welding flange (WN), neck flat welding flange (SO), bearing Insert welding flange (SW), butt welding ring loose flange (PJ/SE), flat welding ring loose flange (PJ/RJ), lining flange cover (BL (S)), flange cover (BL ).
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