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Working Principle of Pneumatic Globe Valve

Principle of Pneumatic Globe Valve, Working Principle of Pneumatic Globe Valve
Working principle of pneumatic stop valve:
Pneumatic shut-off valve is a valve that uses compressed air as the power source. It adopts remote control. The main control room manually or automatically triggers the action command to activate the inlet and exhaust solenoid

pneumatic globe valve

pneumatic globe valve

valves to supply and discharge compressed air into the actuator. Compressed air acts on the piston or diaphragm to overcome the frictional force of the valve action and the spring force on the valve stem, thereby depressing (for the loss of air to open the valve) or lifting (for the loss of air to close the valve) the valve stem, driving the valve core to move up and down , Make the valve open or close. When the valve loses air and there is no compressed air in the drive head, the valve will be in a safe position of fully open or fully closed according to the requirements of the system. Compressed air for power plant instruments, the supply pressure is generally 4-9bar. Before entering the valve, the compressed air is first filtered and purified through the filter, and then reduced by the pressure reducing valve. The reading of the inlet pressure gauge does not exceed 4bar. Pressure adjustment can be achieved by adjusting the adjustment screw installed on the top of the pressure reducing valve, and the protective cover must be loosened before adjustment.
Pneumatic globe valve installation instructions:
Pneumatic shut-off valve is usually used in fully closed and fully open gas and liquid unidirectional flow pipelines. It has a longer structure and shorter length than gate valves. When the medium is highly corrosive, a low-inlet and high-outlet stop valve should be used. When the medium pressure is high or the valve stem is frequently opened and closed, the valve stem should be thickened to avoid bending of the valve stem caused by the thrust of the medium. Compared with other valves, the flow resistance of the pneumatic shut-off valve is larger. Pay attention to the problems of the air source pressure and the pressure and corrosion resistance of the valve stem during use. Pneumatic shut-off valve is not suitable for media with particles, high viscosity and easy to coke.

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