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Pneumatic ball valve installation instructions

Pneumatic ball valve installation instructions
Before installing the pneumatic ball valve:
1. Ensure that the installation position of the pneumatic ball valve is that the pipeline is in a coaxial position. The two flanges on the pipeline should be kept parallel. Confirm that the pipeline can bear the weight of the pneumatic ball valve.

pneumatic ball valve

pneumatic ball valve

2. Confirm whether there are impurities, welding slag, etc. in the pipeline, and the pipeline must be purged.
3. Check the nameplate of the pneumatic ball valve, and perform full-open and full-close operations several times to confirm that the valve can work normally, and then check all the details of the valve thoroughly to ensure that the valve is intact.
4. Remove the protective covers at both ends, check whether the valve body is clean, and clean the inner cavity of the valve body. Since the sealing surface of the pneumatic ball valve is spherical, even tiny debris may cause damage to the sealing surface.

Installation of pneumatic ball valve:
1. Install a gasket between the pneumatic ball valve flange and the pipeline flange according to the pipeline design requirements.
2. The bolts on the flange should be tightened symmetrically, successively and evenly.
3. When the ball valve adopts a pneumatic actuator, complete the installation of the air source according to the instructions.
4. Any section of the pneumatic ball valve can be installed at the upstream end, and the handle pneumatic pipe ball valve can be installed at any position of the pipeline. If the ball valve of the electro-pneumatic actuator is configured, it must be installed vertically, and the inlet and outlet of the valve are in a horizontal position.
Inspection after installation of pneumatic ball valve:
1. After installation, start the pneumatic ball valve to open and close several times, it should be flexible, uniform force, and the pneumatic ball valve should work normally.
2. According to the design requirements of pipeline pressure, test the sealing performance of the joint surface of the pneumatic ball valve and the pipeline flange after pressure is applied.

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