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Pneumatic globe valve model preparation method

Pneumatic globe valve /cut-off valve model preparation method
Pneumatic shut-off valve is used to open and close the pipeline medium by compressed air, and the action speed is relatively faster. Different materials and seals are selected, which can be applied to various pressure, temperature

and medium conditions, and the seal is reliable and the performance is excellent. However, since there are many types of pneumatic stop valves and their structural forms are changeable, users should be familiar with their model designation method when choosing pneumatic stop valves, so as to avoid problems such as selecting the wrong type, replacing goods and returning goods!
Pneumatic globe valve model preparation instructions are represented by the code of the globe valve type, drive mode, connection mode, structure form, sealing material, nominal pressure, valve body material, etc., mainly for the model description of the existing pneumatic globe valve products, such as customized When the material and structure of the globe valve products change, please select according to the valve preparation method.
Pneumatic shut-off valve model preparation method:
Additional code for stop valve: W means bellows, D means low temperature, B means heat preservation;
1) Type code of globe valve: J means globe valve;
2) Stop valve transmission mode: manual without code, 5 bevel gear, 6 pneumatic, 9 electric;
3) Connection mode of stop valve: 4 flange connection, 6 welding;
4) The structure of the globe valve: 1 straight-through type, 2 Z-type straight-through, 3 three-way, 4-angle type, 5 Y-type DC type, 6 balanced straight-through type, 7 balanced angle type, 8-pin type;
5) Seal material of globe valve: F fluorine rubber, H stainless steel, N nylon plastic, Y cemented carbide, M Monel alloy, W valve body directly processed;
6) The nominal pressure of the shut-off valve: 16 means that the pressure of 1.6mpa is 16 kilograms, PN1.6-32mpa, IN150LB-1500LB, 5-63K;
7) Globe valve body material: A titanium alloy, C carbon steel, I chromium molybdenum steel, P stainless steel 304, R stainless steel 316;
Examples for the compilation of pneumatic shut-off valve models:

pneumatic globe valve

pneumatic globe valve

WJ641H-16C Pneumatic Bellows Globe Valve
1. W: means bellows
2. J: represents the stop valve;
3. 6: indicates that the transmission mode is pneumatic;
4. 4: The connection method is flange connection;
5. 1: The structure is a straight flow channel;
6. H: Hard seal made of stainless steel for the sealing pair;
7. 16: Indicates that the nominal pressure is 1.6MPa;
8. C: Indicates that the valve body material is carbon steel.

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