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Applicable occasions and application conditions of butterfly valves

At present, the butterfly valve has become the most widely used valve in the application field. Many people are not very familiar with the applicable occasions of butterfly valves. This article will take you to understand the applicable occasions and application conditions of butterfly valves, so that you have a better understanding of butterfly valves.
When the valve plate of the butterfly valve is opened and closed, there is wiping property between the butterfly plate and the valve seat, so the butterfly valve can be used in the flowing medium pipeline with suspended solid particles, according to the strength of the seal. It can also be used in powder and granular flowing medium pipelines.



The structure length and overall height of the butterfly valve are not large, and the opening and closing speed is very fast. When the butterfly valve is fully opened, only the butterfly plate in the valve body is the only resistance to the flow of the medium, so the fluid resistance of the butterfly valve is also very small. Between 15° and 70°, sensitive flow control can be performed. Therefore, according to the structure principle of the butterfly valve, the butterfly valve is most suitable for making large-diameter valves.

Specifically, the application occasions of butterfly valves are as follows:
1. In the pipeline that requires throttling, adjustment and control of flow;
2. In the working environment of mud medium and medium containing solid particles;
3. In occasions requiring short valve structure length;
4. In occasions requiring fast opening and closing speed;
5. In occasions where the pressure difference is small.

The butterfly valve can also be used under the following conditions:
1. In the case of two-position adjustment, narrowing passage, low noise, cavitation and vaporization, a small amount of leakage to the atmosphere, and abrasive media, butterfly valves can be used.
2. Under special working conditions, throttling adjustment or strict sealing requirements, or severe abrasion, low temperature and other working conditions require the use of three-eccentric or double-eccentric special butterfly valves with metal sealing belts.

The above is an introduction to the applicable occasions and application conditions of the butterfly valve. I hope to provide you with help in the use of the butterfly valve. Tanghai Valve is a high-quality butterfly valve manufacturer. If you have a need for butterfly valves, look for the brand of Tanghai Valve.

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