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Valve material and valve standards-(1)

What material is WCB/LCB/LCC/WC6/WC in the valve?
W, wrought casting; C, Carbon steel; A, B, C indicate the strength value of steel grades from low to high.

lug type butterfly valve-ductile iron

lug type butterfly valve-ductile iron

WCA, WCA, WCC represent carbon steel, ABC represents the strength level, and WCB is commonly used. The corresponding pipe material of WCB should be A106B, and the corresponding forging material should be A105.
WC6 is an alloy steel casting, the corresponding pipe material is about A355 P11, and the forging is A182 F11; there is also WC9, high temperature resistant alloy steel, the corresponding pipe material is about A355 P22, and the corresponding forging is A182 F22.
WC: weldable casting
LCB/LCC (ASTM A352) low temperature carbon steel
ITCS is carbon steel with impact toughness; impact test C=carbon S=steel (A350)
Split body split type, side entry side mounted (referring to the actuator), corresponding to TOP entry top mounted type

Commonly used valve casting and forging carbon steel material table

material country standard material grade name
Casting China GB/T 12229 WCA WCB WCC
ZG205-415 ZG250-485 ZG275-485
UNS J02502 UNS J03002 UNS J02503
Forged China GB/T 12228 GB/T 699 25 25Mn 35 40 A105
USA ASTM A105/A105M A105

Low temperature casting parts material name and temperature range

C C C-Mn C-Mo 2.5Ni Ni-Cr-Mo 3.5Ni 4.5Ni 9Ni Cr-Ni-Mo
J02504 J03303 J02505 J12522 J22500 j42215 j31550 j41500 j31300 j91540
-32 -46 -46 -59 -73 -73 -101 -115 -115 -73

Commonly used valve ASTM Casting and Forged material sheet (ASME B16.5)

ASTM Casting ASTM Forged China name Temp °C suitable medium
Carbon steel
A216 WCB A105 20 -29/427 water,steam,air,petroleum products
Low temp Carbon steel
A352 LCB A350 LF2 16Mn -46/343
A352 LCC A350 LF2 16Mn -46/343
High temp alloy
A217 WC1 A182 F1 20MnMo -29/454 High temp, High pressure medium
A217 WC6 A182 F11 15CrMo -29/552 High temp, High pressure medium
A217 WC9 A182 F22 10Cr2Mo1 -29/593 High temp, High pressure medium
A217 C5 A182 F5 1Cr5Mo -29/650 Corrosive high temperature medium
A217 C12 A182 F9 Cr9Mo1 -29/593 High sulfur oxidizing medium
Martensitic stainless steel
A217 CA15 A182 F6a Cr9Mo1 -29/593 High sulfur oxidizing medium
Austenitic stainless steel(C≤0.08)
A351 CF8 A182 F304 0Cr18Ni9 -196/537 corrosive medium
A351 CF3 A182 F304L -196/425 corrosive medium
A351 CF8M A182 F316 0Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti -196/537 corrosive medium
A351 CF3M A182 F316L -196/425 corrosive medium
low carbon Austenitic stainless steel(C≤0.03)
A351 CF3 A182 F304L 00Cr18Ni10 -0.459016393 corrosive medium
A351 CF3M A182 F316L 00Cr18Ni14Mo2 -196/454 corrosive medium
Special alloy
A351 CN7M B462Gr.NO8020 (ALLOY20) -29/149 Oxidizing medium and various concentrations of sulfuric acid
A494 M-30C (Monel alloy) B4564 Gr.NO4400 -29/482 Hydrofluoric acid, Sea water
Hastelloy H.B H.C Strong corrosive medium such as dilute sulfuric acid

1. Forged valve body material is dense, not easy to have defects, the structure size is not limited by the mold, and the pressure bearing performance is reliable. It is mostly used for high pressure, oxygen working conditions, small diameter or other small batch valve manufacturing, generally at high temperature, Choose forgings under high pressure or low temperature or special medium; castings are generally only suitable for medium and low pressure, and are mostly used for mass production of standardized molded valves.

2. The difference between material A351 CF3M and A182 F316L: the materials corresponding to the two standards are 316 stainless steel. CF3M stands for castings and is often used as valve material. The corresponding forging steel code is A182 F316L. ASTM A216 WCB is a casting, and its forging is A105; the casting of SS304 is A351-CF8, and the forging is A182-F304.