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Representation method of butterfly valve model

Representation method of butterfly valve model in China:
Butterfly valve model compilation instructions, butterfly valve model representation method, Butterfly valve model compilation instructions, butterfly valve coding /naming method:

ductile iron, DI, butterfly valve, manufacturer, center line, TH valve

ductile iron, DI, butterfly valve, manufacturer, center line, TH valve

There are countless types and specifications of butterfly valves for industrial pipelines. The increase in additional conditions for butterfly valves, the difference in connection methods, the upgrade of transmission methods, the changes in structural forms, and the increased requirements for temperature, pressure and corrosion resistance on materials are for the convenience of users in the industry. Have more knowledge about the correct selection of butterfly valves and the purchase of butterfly valves. For this purpose, Duoyi Valve provides the latest butterfly valve model compilation instructions, hoping to be helpful to the majority of users.

Butterfly valve model representation method:
Additional code of butterfly valve: BD: thermal insulation butterfly valve, SD: telescopic butterfly valve, TLD: desulfurization butterfly valve, DH: check butterfly valve, DKS: fast butterfly valve, FDBD: square louver butterfly valve;
The code of the butterfly valve: D: represents the butterfly valve;
Transmission form code: manual (omitted), 3: means turbine drive, 6: means pneumatic drive, 7: means hydraulic, 9: means electric;
Connection code code: 4: flange type, 6: welding, 7: pair clamp type;

Structure code code: 1: means centerline type, 2: means double eccentricity, 3: means triple eccentricity, 4: means variable eccentricity, 5: means single eccentricity;
Sealing material code: H: stainless steel, X: rubber, F: polytetrafluoroethylene, FX: composite rubber, M: Monel alloy, Y: cemented carbide, W: valve body directly processed;
Pressure grade code: 10=PN1.0Mpa, 16=PN1.6, 25=PN2.5, 40=PN4.0, PN is the code of domestic pressure, MPA is the unit of pressure, one kilogram is equal to 0.1Mpa; Class150LB=1.6 mpa, 300LB=2.5-4.0mpa, Class is the American standard code, LB is the American standard pound unit.
Shell material code: C: cast steel, P: stainless steel 304, R: stainless steel 316, AL: special alloy steel, Z: cast iron, Q: ductile iron, N: nylon.
The above are common codes related to butterfly valves. For products that need to be customized due to special working conditions, they can be selected according to the design plan.
Examples of butterfly valve model compilation:
D943H-16C electric triple eccentric butterfly valve
D: Represents butterfly valve;
9: Indicates that the transmission mode is electric;
4: The connection method is flange connection;
3: The structure is triple eccentric;
H: The sealing material is stainless steel;
16: Indicates that the nominal pressure is 1.6MPa;
C: Indicates that the valve body material is cast steel.
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