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Purchasing precautions for handle butterfly valves

When purchasing handle butterfly valves, it is not enough to only know the product specifications, categories and working pressure requirements, and it is impossible to achieve a good balance. Because different handle butterfly valve manufacturers have their own corporate standards and product personality, and some non-standard

JIS 10K-wafer butterfly valve-backup seat (4)

JIS 10K-wafer butterfly valve-backup seat (4)

production to meet different customer requirements, it is unscientific to purchase valves based on rigid requirements such as specifications. So what should we refer to? There are mainly several aspects, including working pressure, caliber, what medium to pass, and what to use, etc. When purchasing valves, detailed technical parameters must be listed and a consensus must be reached with the valve manufacturer. Below we introduce in detail:
1. Working conditions
Valve specifications and types should be combined with the requirements of pipeline planning documents, that is, working conditions. The model of the valve should indicate the national standard number it is based on. The working pressure of the valve, the working pressure of the pipeline, and the working pressure that the valve can take over should be greater than the actual working pressure of the pipeline. Either side of the valve in the closed state should be able to take over 1.5 times the valve working pressure without leakage. When the handle butterfly valve is in the open state, the valve body needs to be able to take over twice the pressure of the valve. The valve manufacturing standard should be clearly based on the national standard number.
2. Valve standard quality
The material of the valve body should be mainly carbon steel and stainless steel. Stem material, stainless steel stem that is not easy to rust is more commonly used, and the nut material is mostly brass or bronze. The material of the sealing surface can be divided into metal seal and soft seal. The valve seat and valve plate are made of metal material, which is a hard seal, including stainless steel, ductile iron, etc. If one side between the valve seat and the valve plate is made of elastic material such as rubber, tetrafluoroethylene, etc., it is a soft sealing butterfly valve. When purchasing soft-seal handle butterfly valves, the physical, chemical and hygienic testing data of the valve plate lining material should be clear. For the sanitary, anti-aging performance, and wear resistance of the handle butterfly valve, you must also understand the manufacturer.
The above is the best technical knowledge to know when purchasing handle butterfly valves. At present, many valve factory products in our country still have the shortcomings of internal leakage, low appearance quality, short life, inflexible operation, and unreliable valve electric and pneumatic devices. Some high temperature, high pressure and valves required on key devices still rely on imports. Therefore, in order to make a breakthrough in the industry, Tanghai Valve has a clear focus on the concept of boutique: whether it is the exhibits at the exhibition or the parts seen by the visiting enterprises, the appearance of Tanghai Valve is neat and delicate, and the parts protection is in place. Small parts Use plastic protective covers, wooden seats and leather pads for large parts. These details are countless, all in order to establish a better brand image and increase the trust of new customers in the product. If you want to purchase handle butterfly valves, please come to Tanghai to visit and purchase, more professional and more assured.

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