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Uses and characteristics of manual butterfly valve (4)

Installation and maintenance of manual butterfly valve:
During installation, the disc should stop in the closed position. The opening position should be determined according to the rotation angle of the butterfly plate. For

wafer type butterfly valve, with handle (13)

wafer type butterfly valve, with handle (13)

the butterfly valve with bypass valve, the bypass valve should be opened before opening, and the installation should be carried out according to the manufacturer’s installation instructions. The heavy butterfly valve should be set with a firm foundation.

Comparison of ordinary butterfly valve and gate valve:

Which of the ordinary butterfly valve or gate valve with the same nominal pressure and nominal diameter has better tightness and is not easy to leak?

The airtightness of the gate valve is better than that of the butterfly valve, but there are also manufacturers’ butterfly valves that have better airtightness. This type of valve should generally be installed horizontally in the pipeline.

The gate valve is large in size and takes up a lot of space.

The butterfly valve is small in size and takes up little space.

When selecting, the temperature of the medium, the sealing of the valve and the packing must also be considered.

The specification stipulates that butterfly valves with a nominal diameter greater than 50 are used.

The elastic metal sealing butterfly valve is a national key new product. The high-performance manual butterfly valve adopts a double eccentric and a special oblique cone oval sealing structure. It solves the shortcoming of the traditional eccentric butterfly valve that the sealing surface is still in sliding contact friction at the moment of opening and closing 0°~10°, and the sealing surface of the butterfly plate is separated at the moment of opening, and the effect of sealing when the contact is closed is achieved. Good purpose.

Material of manual butterfly valve:
1. Valve body material: gray cast iron, ductile iron, cast steel, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, etc.;

2. Valve plate material: duplex stainless steel, nylon 11 plate, galvanized plate, aluminum bronze;

3. Valve seat material: nitrile rubber, EPDM, fluorine rubber, silicone rubber, PTFE.

Ranges of application for manual butterfly valve:
It is widely used in the pipelines of petroleum, chemical, food, medicine, papermaking, hydropower, shipbuilding, water supply and drainage, metallurgy, oil, energy and other systems. It is suitable for a variety of corrosive gases, liquids, semi-liquid and solid powder media.

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