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Principle and Maintenance of Silence Check Valve

Silence check valve, also called silent check valve, muffler check valve.

The principle of silent check valve:
The silent check valve is an automatic valve, which realizes the opening and closing of the valve flap by relying on the pressure of the medium flow. When the medium flows through the valve body, the valve flap is pushed open by the

silent check valve (9)

silent check valve (9)

medium pressure, the valve is opened, and the medium flows through. When the medium stops flowing, the valve disc loses pressure and automatically closes, and blocks the backflow of the medium. The purpose of the muffler check valve is to prevent the backflow of the medium in the water supply and drainage system and the high-rise building pipe network system, to prevent the reverse rotation of the pump and the driving motor, and the discharge of the container medium.

silent check valve features:
1. The design of the valve disc is modeled after the “bullet head”, and the design of the valve body is modeled after the “waist drum”, which not only improves the flow direction of the medium, but also reduces the fluid resistance and the flow resistance coefficient.
2. The silent check valve is small in size and low in price. The structure is short and compact, and a non-metallic lubricating sleeve is installed between the guide shaft and the guide frame, which improves the flexibility of the valve disc movement, is not easy to cause locking, and can effectively eliminate the noise caused by the impact of the valve disc.
3. The skeleton rubber sealing ring is inlaid on the valve body, which avoids the direct erosion of the sealing ring by the medium and prolongs the service life of the sealing ring.
4. The opening and closing strokes of the valve disc are short, which can prevent the occurrence of water hammer.
5. The application field of silencing check valve is generally installed at the outlet of the pump in suitable drainage system and high-rise building pipe network system. In addition, the valve is not suitable for installation and use in the sewage pipe network.

The maintenance and maintenance of the silent check valve are as follows:
1) The opening and closing parts should be in the closing device during storage and transportation, and the following work should be done at the same time:
①The flap of the silent check valve should be fixed in the open position.
②The inner openings at both ends of the diameter are blocked with foam boards, and the ports must be plugged with stuffy caps to prevent dust and rust, and keep the channel clean and the end surface flat;
③ Appropriate packaging protection, shockproof and anti-collision shall be carried out for the cylinder part;
2) The silent check valve should be placed smoothly, with the pneumatic drive device facing upwards and not being squeezed against each other.
3) It should be checked regularly when placed for a long time. Every three months, check the dirt and rust on the two passages, the sealing surface, and the protection status of the welding joint. After wiping the dirt and rust, repaint the anti-rust oil for protection.
4) In order to prevent the reverse flow of the medium, check valves should be installed on the equipment, devices and pipelines;
5) silent check valve is generally suitable for clean medium, not suitable for medium containing solid particles and high viscosity;
6) Generally, vertical silent check valves should be used on horizontal pipelines with a nominal diameter of 50mm;
The silent check valve should be stored in a dry and ventilated room to prevent moisture, rain and rust.

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