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Working principle of electric gate valve

Principle of electric gate valve, Working principle of electric gate valve
Principle of electric gate valve:
Electric gate valve, as the name suggests, is to control the gate valve with an electric actuator, which is mainly

electric stainless steel gate valve

electric stainless steel gate valve

divided into an upper part and a lower part. The upper part is an electric actuator, and the lower part is a gate valve. Connect the actuator and the gate valve, and the electric actuator controls the opening and closing of the gate valve to work to achieve the on-off of the pipeline medium. Gate valves are generally suitable for on-off occasions and are normally open and normally closed valves. If you need to adjust the working conditions, generally choose electric control valve, electric ball valve, electric butterfly valve, electric shut-off valve, etc.
Working principle of electric gate valve:
The electric gate valve is powered by electric energy to turn on the electric actuator to drive the valve, and the valve stem is connected to drive the valve plate to move up and down or open and close, so that the valve can control the switch of the pipeline medium. It can be remotely controlled when it is added into the control box and other accessories, which is convenient and trouble-free.
Classification of electric gate valve actuators:
There are two common types of rotary electric actuators and linear electric actuators. Angular-stroke electric actuator: the angular-stroke electric actuator is used in conjunction with the angular-stroke valve to realize the internal rotation of the valve within 90 degrees to control the flow of the pipeline.
Straight-stroke electric actuator: a straight-stroke electric actuator is used in conjunction with a straight-stroke valve to realize the up and down movement of the valve plate to control the on-off of the pipeline fluid. It is usually used in conjunction with equipment with a higher degree of automation.

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