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What are the connection methods of gate valves for hydropower stations

Gate valves used in hydropower stations are often in a relatively special working environment, which also puts forward high requirements on the quality of the gate valves. Among them, the connection method it uses is also an important process composition. What we are going to share today is about the connection method of gate valves for hydropower stations.

DIN-F5-BB-NRS-soft seated-wedge gate valve (10)

DIN-F5-BB-NRS-soft seated-wedge gate valve (10)

The most common connection method used in gate valves of hydropower stations is mainly flange connection. This connection method is usually two flange pieces plus a number of fastening bolts and nuts, and the pipes are connected by pressing the middle flange gasket. Why do you think that flange connection is the most suitable method for gate valves in hydropower stations? This is mainly because the flange connection can withstand high-strength tensile, compression, torsion and shear resistance. The flange connection is a detachable joint, which has the advantages of convenient disassembly, high connection strength, and good tightness.
According to the shape of the joint surface, the flange connection can be divided into: smooth type, used for gate valves with low pressure; concave-convex type; tongue and groove type: widely used in corrosive media, with better sealing effect; trapezoidal groove type: Use an oval metal ring as a washer, which is used for gate valves with a working pressure of ≥64 kg/cm², or high-temperature gate valves; lens type: the washer is in the shape of a lens and is made of metal. Used for high-pressure gate valves or high-temperature gate valves with working pressure ≥100 kg/cm²; O-ring type: This is a newer form of flange connection, which is developed with the appearance of various rubber O-rings As a result, it is more reliable than ordinary flat gaskets in terms of sealing effect. In addition to flange connection, there is also threaded connection or ferrule connection, which is a simple connection method that can reliably prevent leakage and so on.
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