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The difference between internally and externally threaded valves

Threaded valve (also called  internal threaded valve) generally refers to a valve with internal or external thread on the valve body. It is mainly divided into internal threaded valve and external threaded valve. Corresponding to the pipeline. Usually threaded valves can only be manufactured with small diameters and are used for normal pressure or low pressure projects. If they are not available for high pressure work, they need to be used with welded link valves or flanged valves.

internally threaded valve and externally threaded valve

internally threaded valve and externally threaded valve

Common threaded valves are: threaded gate valve, threaded ball valve, threaded globe valve, threaded check valve.
The difference between internal threaded valve and external threaded valve:
From the point of use: Due to price and working flow requirements, most of the valves on the market use internal threaded valves. From the channel: Taking into account the thread connection, the passage of the external thread of the same caliber is smaller than the internal thread, the flow rate is faster, and the flow rate is small.
From the appearance: Most of the internal threads are pipe threads, the external threads are mostly taper threads, and the bite-type external threads are pipe threads.
In terms of pressure resistance: The wall of the valve with external thread of the same material is usually thicker than that of the internal thread (the smaller the passage, the thicker the wall), and the pressure resistance is greater. This is the reason why valves with high pressure ratings are all external threads. To
Sealing form of threaded valve:
1. Direct sealing: internal and external threads directly play a sealing role. In order to ensure that the joints are not leaking, they are often filled with lead oil, thread hemp and PTFE raw material tape; among them, PTFE raw material tape is widely used every day; this material has good corrosion resistance and extremely sealing effect. Good, it is convenient to use and store. When disassembling, it can be completely removed, because it is a non-sticky film, which is much better than lead oil and hemp.
2. Indirect sealing: the tightening force of the thread is transmitted to the gasket between the two planes, so that the gasket plays a sealing role.
Thread standard of threaded valve:
1. International standards ISO228/1, DIN259, are internal and external parallel threads, code G or PF (BSP.F);
2. German standard ISO7/1, DIN2999, BS21, taper external thread, parallel internal thread;
3. British standard ISO7/1, BS21, internal and external tapered thread, code PT or BSP.Tr or Rc;
4. American standard ANSIB21, internal and external tapered thread, code name NPT.

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