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The advantages and disadvantages of butterfly valves

Advantages of butterfly valve: 1. Convenient opening and closing, labor saving, low fluid resistance, and can be operated frequently. 2. The structure is simple, the external dimensions are small, the structural length is short, the volume is small, and the weight is light. It is suitable for valves with large diameter. 3. Mud can be […]

Structure and characteristics of butterfly valve

Butterfly valve is mainly composed of valve body, valve stem, butterfly plate and sealing ring. The valve body is cylindrical, with a short axial length and a built-in butterfly plate. Features of butterfly valve: 1. The butterfly valve has the characteristics of simple structure, small size, light weight, low material consumption, small installation size, rapid […]

How does a butterfly valve work?

A butterfly valve is a valve that uses a disc-type opening and closing part to reciprocate around 90° to open, close, or regulate the flow of media. Butterfly valves are not only simple in structure, small in size, light in weight, low in material consumption, small in installation size, small in driving torque, easy in […]

Butterfly valve and its Development history – (2)

China’s valve industry chain is numerous, but it is not a valve power. Generally speaking, my country has entered the ranks of the world’s valve power, but from the perspective of product quality, my country still has a long gap from the valve power. The low production concentration of the industry, the low R&D capacity […]

Butterfly valve and its Development history – (1)

Butterfly valve, also known as flap valve, is a kind of simple structure regulating valve, which can be used for the on-off control of low-pressure pipeline medium; is a kind of valve that the closing part (flap or disc) is a round plate, which rotates around the valve axis to achieve opening and closing. The valve can […]

How to achieve internal and external anti-corrosion of pneumatic valves

Pneumatic valve using pneumatic actuators, for which Air (or other gas) pressure is the source of power. Air pressure acts on the piston or bellows diaphragm, which produces a linear force on the valve stem. Pneumatic actuator is a kind of Power-operated actuators (using pneumatic, hydraulic or electric power), can remotely adjust valves, or quickly […]

Slow-closing design of stainless steel swing check valve

1. Structural improvement of swing check valve A slow closing auxiliary valve is added on the flap of the original swing check valve. The auxiliary valve is installed on the lower side or both sides of the main valve flap and is connected by threads. When the medium flow valve is opened, the medium pressure […]

Installation requirements for manual butterfly valves

1. Before installing the manual butterfly valve, do not throw it away at random. It needs to be placed in a cool, dry and ventilated environment, and it must be covered well to prevent the valve from being contaminated with dust and other debris, which affects the later use. 2. Before installing on the pipeline, […]

Structural characteristics of butterfly valve

The butterfly plate of the butterfly valve is installed in the diameter direction of the pipeline. In the cylindrical passage of the valve body of the butterfly valve, the disc-shaped butterfly plate rotates around the axis, and the rotation angle is between 0° and 90°. When it is rotated to 90°, the valve is fully […]